America is under attack

The recent decision of a jury of his peers to find George Zimmerman not guilty and set him free has set off a series of protests and seems to be increasing in its affect on communities around the nation. But what I see as the real story here is the DOJ deciding to continue to look at the option of pursuing a legal action against Mr Zimmerman. What makes this such a dangerous precedent is that it is a further step in undermining a fundamental part of our freedoms. This administration has already shown us that they care nothing for the votes of the people of a state and they care little for the following of the legislating of law by Congress. In the recent Supreme Court decisions the administration refused to do its constitutional duty and to defend the law, the Defense of Marriage Act. In the case of Proposition 8 they attempted to try to coerce the court by suggesting that the only right course of action was to overturn the will of the people of California and support same sex marriage. These are blatant examples of a total disregard for constitution and the Bill of Rights.

In this current situation the point is to destroy the very system of justice that guarantees a fair trial and which protects our rights against unlawful charges and against mob rule. This administration has violated all of those principals, sending the DOJ to stir uo the argument for a guilty verdict, manipulating the press and using the executive office to make sure a guilty verdict is determined buy discrediting the jury.

This is designed to further destroy America. But it is also a distraction for what is going on in our Senate. Harry Reid wants to make sure that they are able to place any of Obama’s appointees no matter how radical and leftist they are. This maneuver by Reid is in line with the continued attack on America.

Lets look at these issues in conclusion. First, total disregard for your right to vote and your ability to have your vote count. Secondly, removal of a juries fundamental right to be presented a case and to decide the validity of that case. to have a fair trial without the Federal Government deciding what is really justice. Finally the ability for a President to have uninhibited ability to load the Federal Government with appointees that are of a mind set incompatible with America and her pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America is under attack stay sober and vigilant for our adversary the devil is seeking who he may devour. The good news is that the one we serve is greater than all of this. Please check out todays show with Al Houghton and learn how to pray for justice, America needs it.

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  1. Johnathan Johnson says:

    Listening to Barack Obama & Eric Holder et al (Jesse Jackson & Adolf Sharpton) commenting about racial injustice in Zimmerman’s acquittal, reminds me of O.J. Simpson saying he “is going to find the real killer of Nicole” after his acquittal.

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