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Dear Friends,

I apologize for not writing the past few days. I have still been trying to get over the cold and flu that I had. I might have over done it with my son and granddaughter’s birthday celebrations. We went to Sea World in San Antonio and encountered some Islamic extremists. Prayed for them at a distance. Also prayed for those in the park and against their jihadist war on America and San Antonio. I was amazed at how many were dressed in head covering there. The two that most alarmed me though were in full body coverings with only slits for their eyes. We also watched the Azul show. Very interesting as the show contained two beluga whales and four dolphins, and about two dozen humans dressed as animals, who acted like animals. Not in a bad way just in a strange sort of we are here to see the human animals perform kinda way. Seems that with the animal rights restrictions it is easier to train the humans than train the animals.

Last week was a very long week with computer issues and going back and forth to San Antonio several times to get the computer fixed. I am hopeful that the problems have been resolved. Here is a brief recap of the programs that have aired.

On Friday Don Jans and I discussed America’s abdication of her role as a world leader, the Ukrainian connection and the Korean conflict. We also broke down the agenda behind the demilitarization of America.

Also on Friday Jennifer LeClaire and I went fairly deep into the issue of spiritual warfare, we discussed the release of the spirit of jezebel and ashteroth through idol worship and I released a prayer to destroy the spiritual attack. This file has received over a thousand downloads since Friday.

On Monday I was joined in the third segment by former Senator Jim Demint. He has a new book out entitled Falling in Love with America again. On the fourth segment you do not want to miss the interview with Jeff Mateer from Liberty Institute. Jeff sat directly behind the table occupied by counsel Paul Clement who was representing Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court. Justice Kagan attacked Paul Clement almost before he could speak. The tenor of the case which the government is bringing should send chills down the spine of every American. The direct affront to the constitution could not be any greater. What is at risk in this case goes beyond funding the HHS mandate for chemical abortion. The real argument is over what you as a Christian can say or do in your own business. As revealed last week by Mike Berry of Liberty Counsel through his conversation with the Col at the Air Force Academy the message is consistent and clear. The current regime believes and is trying to enforce that you can think whatever religious thoughts you want, but you are not allowed to voice those thoughts pr act on those thoughts. This they propose is a violation of the fairness doctrine and imposes your beliefs on someone else. We also touched on the breaking story about the five year old in Florida who was told she could not bless her food at school. Listen here:

On todays program in the first hour I discussed American Exceptionalism and the need for a moral America in balancing the power of good and evil in the world with Dr Alex McFarland.

In the second hour I was joined by Dr Stan Hartzler. Have you ever had a conversation with someone about CSCOPE? Have you been stuck trying to explain the problems? Dr Hartzler gave some detailed answers to the problem.

On the program tomorrow in the first segment I am scheduled to be joined by a member of the Concerned Veterans of America. April 1st to the 3rd ten teams of veterans and their families will swarm the Capitol in Washington DC. These events are focused on bringing attention and getting in front of Legislators regarding the lack of accountability, transparency and flexibility of the VA in serving the veterans of America. Your voice is needed to help our brothers and sisters who have given their all for our freedom.

On segment two I will be talking about the challenges I am facing to fund the program, especially the second hour. Due to an increase in staff at the station new rules have been implemented. To prevent any possible conflict of interest a list of current advertisers and those being called on by station staff has been created and management has asked me not to call on any of the businesses listed on these 42 pages. Therefore I will be predominantly depending on my listeners to stay on the air. So if you believe that our nation is at peril and specifically that Texas is under fire, now is the time to help keep Chosen Generation on the air. Please check out the new web site, on the contact page is the traditional check approach or you can donate through the PayPal link on the front of the site. Your assistance is sorely needed.

Segment three brings us back to the BC Zone with my good friend Dan Gainor, where PC gets the flush. Some of our topics will include, six million or seven million, really?
Anti gun California Senator Leland Yee arrested for…..gun running. Where is the news coverage?
GM under investigation for the manufacture defect recall issues. Wasn’t the Government and the Union in charge during this debacle?
The Obama lies continue with the speech that attacks all opponents of Obamacare and threatens to “go after” the Governors that have refused to capitulate. The dictator in a chief continues his illegal activities and the media remains silent.

In Segment four I will be joined by James Williamson for his News and Views segment.

Be sure to stay informed and tuned in to what is going on. Remember you are God’s Chosen Generation!

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