Texas Border Crisis Plan Key Points

Texas Border Crisis Plan Key Points – One Pager
Stop illegal entry into Texas by invoking Article 1 Section 10 Clause 3 of the US Constitution, which gives states the authority to declare an invasion or a state of imminent danger when the federal government has failed to secure a state’s border against illegal border crossers. The sovereign State of Texas has the constitutional authority and the moral duty to protect its citizens by taking this constitutional unilateral action. The Governor, Attorney General, and the Legislature can and should act, and a special session of the Texas Legislature should immediately be called by Governor Perry.
1. Immediately man and fund sufficient floating DPS checkpoints on BOTH sides of border to interdict ALL forms of illegal incursions at border choke points.
2. Establish tactical “Texas Border Brigade” under Texas Rangers (not federal gov’t), dedicated to patrolling, enforcing and apprehending immigration violators for DPS processing/detention/deportation.
3. Organize and fund Texas militias, per U.S. Code to augment Texas Border Brigade/DPS.
4. Extend Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) for oversight of illegal minors detained in federal facilities within the State, to insure conditions meet Texas’ regulations/standards.
5. Texas Comptroller conduct cost/benefit analysis of illegal aliens on the State of Texas.
6. Stop all Texas social service benefits to illegals, to including, but not limited to Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), emergency MEDICAID, and in-state college tuition.
7. Outlaw all “Sanctuary City” practices under penalty of arrest and/or withholding of State funds.
8. Boycott commerce, products and services of countries allowing/facilitating violation of U.S. immigration laws, until border is secured in accordance with the legislature’s pre-determined specifications.
9. Criminalize willful employment of illegals and enforce with clear system of fines, license revocation and arrests for both employers and those guilty of identity theft or who misrepresent their legal status. Provide mandatory verification means for employers.
10. Identify all health threats possibly borne by illegal border crossers and expand list of recommended vaccinations, as appropriate, for Texas residents.
11. Make Human Trafficking a first-degree felony, punishable by a sentence of 20 years to life, and a mandatory capital offense for victims under age 18, or offenses resulting in death of victim.
12. Suspend all licensing activity between the State and Federal Government (or its contractors/subcontractors) for facilities or land use related to the border crisis (detention facilities).
13. Invalidate any federal restrictions on Texas officials’ access to land and airspace in the conduct of border and immigration enforcement activities (federal nature reserves, wilderness set-asides, and parks).
14. Establish legal procedures for Texas to apprehend, hold, deport illegals back to home of origin without federal handling. Stop all commerce through Texas ports/roads for any countries refusing to cooperate.
15. Establish “Standing” for any Texas laws or legal actions demanding relief from federal executive orders that are not in the best interest of the citizens of the State of Texas (e.g. blanket amnesty orders or other unconstitutional violations of federal law).
16. Form joint select committee to assess impacts of illegal migration crisis and the roles of the Federal Government, Mexico, Central American and other countries of origin and identify motivations and purposes behind those countries’ actions.
17. Challenge Plyler v. Doe, requirement to educate illegal minors in Texas schools and the ban on asking students for their legal status. Given the huge cost in resources and dislocations, Texas should declare its authority to determine if and how best to provide for such education during the minors’ limited time within the State.
18. Pursue compacts with other States to address and manage the illegal immigration crisis/security threats.

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  1. Steve Kehoe says:

    Wow, this show was intense and chock full of information, as always Pastor. Thank you for posting this list. Much appreciated… Keep it up! Blessings

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  2. Joe Wolfe says:

    I love your program and thanks for putting everything in perspective. I will share with all my friends Blessing Joe Wolfe

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  3. Joe Wolfe says:

    I love this program and thank you for the honest perspective

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