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What happens when a former evangelical Pastor turns Atheist because he decides he has grown up and does not need childish things anymore? He becomes the Co President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and believes that he is smarter than God. On Monday I was interviewed with Dan Barker the Co President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation on NewsmaxTV. You can watch the interview here: In the interview Dan says that he is smarter than God and that he thinks 78% of Americans are ignorant. He also compares the bible to mythology and claims that they are not trying to drive religion form the public square. One look at their web site and their on going lawsuits proves this to be an inaccurate statement. What can one expect from a liberal progressive godless narcissist. I had read his bio in excerpts from his book and had a strong sense of what to expect. On the program today in the second hour I drilled down a little deeper with my comments and played the interview segment. You can hear that here:

In the first hour I was joined by Matt Barber founder of The Supreme Court has abandoned its duty and refused to hear the cases brought by five states on the issue of same sex marriage. This will lead to a total of 11 more states adopting same sex marriage as the norm. What Dan shared as to the states rights and the option for the Governors and Representatives in those states is a little known fact in our nation. The opinions of the judges are just that, opinions. They are not legally binding and the states can simply choose to reject the claims of the court. Unfortunately our legislators both in Texas and in Washington DC seem to have forgotten their oaths and rejected their balance of power positions. Matt shares what could be done. Also Dr William Fortschen joined me to discuss the ISIS threat and the connection between that and the Jewish and Islamic seasons we are in. Could tonights blood moon be connected to a terrorist attack taking place in the next 24 hours? Listen here:

On the program tomorrow. Dearborn Michigan has become Mecca in the United States, however the main stream media will not cover this and in fact every time it is brought up the left shouts it down. Well on the first segment I will have an attorney that has been battling this who will give a firsthand account of just how Islamic Dearborn has become. Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center joins me to expose the truth behind the Islamic bias and attack on Christians in the streets of America including being stoned. (That is having rocks thrown at them, not the other :))

In the second segment I am going to play an interview I did with Daniel Akbar an attorney who is an expert in Sharia Law having grown up under that and then converting to Christianity he has tremendous insight into the goals of Sharia.

In the third segment Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture joins me to discuss the continued Media Bias.

On day after the funeral of Colleen Hufford who was beheaded in Oklahoma by a Muslim convert who was yelling Islamic phrases while doing the deed, Obama sent this proclamation to the Mosque that produced this murderer, “Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice.” Now this was for actions unrelated to the beheading, however in light of the beheading is this really appropriate? Where is the media…..NO WHERE!

Senator Ted Cruz put forward a bill that would revoke citizenship for Americans that go and join ISIS or the Jihad movement thus posing a threat to the nation. The Democrats in the Senate have blocked his efforts. Media coverage……..?

Ben Affleck represents the real problem with the lefts ideas of Islam. The irony is that he went at it with Bill Maher. Media coverage is all on Ben’s poor little muslim side.

Networks continue to refuse to do their jobs. Ebola, ISIS, D68, Border Security, Ukraine, Israel, IRS, Benghazi, each of these would in the past have had a news desk hopping and investigative journalists forcing the government to come clean or be exposed. Not anymore, today we live in a world where the media is as complicit with the destruction of our freedoms as the perpetrators. Retribution for not following protocol is as sure to follow as the night and day. There is no time limit on when it might happen but rest assured it will happen. If not for alternative media sources and an organization like Media Research Center we would have no one holding this regime accountable.

In the final segment I will be joined by James Williamson for his News and Views. As always there will be plenty for him to share.

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