A Prayer for the people of Boston and our Nation

Dear Heavenly Father firstly we give you all praise glory and honor. We thank you that although we as a nation have consistently turned our backs on You, You have continued to protect our nation from the types of calamities that we witnessed yesterday. We lift up those directly affected by this act of hatred and we ask that You would bring comfort to the families and loved ones of those impacted. Lord may the state of Massachusetts which has so openly flaunted its homosexual activity through Boston Gay Pride parades and celebrations and through the indoctrination of their youth into the homosexual lifestyle, do as You have required in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and turn from the wickedness of these acts and deeds and instead repent and seek Your face. >

May there be bold voices in the coming days that will speak with clarity and be received in love with the saving message of Your Son Jesus Christ and may those trapped in this bondage and those perpetuating these acts that you call an abomination seek after You. Every event carries within it the seeds for revival, renewal and life. In this event we ask that it would come to good, not in the oppression of our society as many living out a plan of darkness would propose nor in persecution of the innocent, but that true justice would be done. We know Father how you dealt with a rebellious Israel when she turned from you and became idolatrous in her behavior. 

Sacrificing the innocent and practicing unseemly sexual acts. We too as a nation have done and continue to do these things. Father may those of us who call You Lord, who have recognized our own sin and shortcomings and turned to the only one who can take away the judgement of sin that we deserve and asked for Your forgiveness and the application of Your Grace in our lives, may we now be the ambassadors of that message to these lost and dying souls. We rejoice not at the calamity brought on by the choices of those walking in disobedience but we long for the day when all will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. We pray that these events while horrific will be the wake up call that this nation needs to call on Your name and seek your face and turn from all forms of wickedness. We ask You to please continue to cover us in Your mercies. In Jesus Name Amen!

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