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While the news has been focused this past week on Indiana and #RFRA, along with #MemoriesPizza, US Naval Chaplain Wes Modder continues to fight for his military career. Chaplain Modder was reported by a non Chaplain personnel that had been given a temporary assignment to Chaplain Modder’s unit. This individual was not bound by the privacy codes enforced upon Chaplains and the Navy knows that Chaplain Modder can not violate his oath to defend against the accusations being made. Further to that the individuals being counseled are also guaranteed their privacy and would have to come forward of their own volition in order to testify on his behalf. They would also then have to expose the nature of the counseling session they were invoked in.

Recently 35 members of Congress expressed their support for decorated Navy Chaplain Wes Modder. The members sent a letter to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Chief of Chaplains Rear Admiral Margaret Kibben, asking them to protect military chaplains’ religious freedom.

Mike Berry is the Senior Counsel and Director of Military Affairs for Liberty Institute. Listen here:


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