@advanceliberty @doseghostman @genboykin US Military Seeks to redefine the role of the Chaplain

The US Navy continues to attack Naval Chaplain Wes Modder. Chaplain Modder operates under the ordination of the Assemblies of God, and therefore follows their teachings on matters of family, marriage, premarital sex and all other matters of life. These teachings are found in the Holy scriptures and one of the roles of the Chaplain according to military regulations is to; PROVIDE-Based upon their professional credentials, ecclesiastically endorsed and commissioned chaplains meet faith group-specific needs, including worship services, sacraments, rites, ordinances religious and/or pastoral counsel, scripture study, and religious education. In the case of Chaplain Modder, this is exactly what he did. The problem is that someone higher up decided to place a “Non” Chaplain personnel in the position of Chaplains Assistance. This brand new “Junior Officer” took offense at the biblical counsel of Chaplain Modder and decided to file a complaint. Due to Chaplain Modder’s oath he is not able to provide details of his counseling session, in fact in many instances he would purposely leave time blocked off without a name for the appointment to protect the privacy of those to whom he was providing services. While these details are in and of themselves very disturbing and the US Naval position and persecution of Chaplain Modder defies all UCMJ and Naval regulations this is not the real danger. This action by the US Navy appears to be an attempt to literally change the definition of the role of the Chaplain from following the guidelines set out by their Ordaining Body to following the guidelines set out by the US Navy. This is a very dangerous precedent as it would mean that these “Chaplains” though commissioned by their denominations would be required to disavow their beliefs and follow the will of the military command to whom they are assigned. Listen here as Hiram Sasser from Liberty Institute explains the dangers associated with this never before seen action by the US Navy:


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