@advanceliberty @doseghostman @jeremydys Religious Liberty Under Attack in US Navy and in Texas

Jeremy Dys joins Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation Radio heard on www.kerv1230.com Monday through Friday form 9 to 11 AM CST at 10:30 AM CST to discuss the case of Chaplain Wes Modder, the Oklahoma Ten Commandments and the City of Dallas Law suit against a Jewish bible study that has already resulted in the Rabbi’s car being vandalized by the painting on it of a swastika. The implications of the Wes Modder case are extremely alarming, because the person who turned him in was assigned to his unit and was a non chaplain. It was not the people receiving counseling that complained, but an individual that command attached to Chaplain Modder who broke confidentiality but is immune because they are not a Chaplain. In addition tho confidentiality restricts the defense the Chaplain Modder is able to advance. This is wrong on so many levels and appears to be a set up. In the case of the Jewish study group that is an Orthodox group adhering to their Sabbath beliefs they meet in a home and have for many years. Recently they were sued by the Home Owners Association and won. Now the City of Dallas, the bastion of Homosexual and Islamic fervor has decided that they just can not have Jews having a bible study in their home. The one piece of good news here is the ten commandments ruling in the Oklahoma case. Tune in for more in-depth comments. Listen live at the above listed link.

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