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Liberty Institute has released an update on the actions of the US Navy in its continued attack on US Naval Chaplain Wes Modder, who has served with honor for 19 years, for his biblically based counsel given to those seeking spiritual counsel form him.Chaplain Modder did not walk into a barracks and begin telling Seaman how theory should live, did not stand in the middle of the base and use a loud speaker to condemn illicit lifestyles or denounce the godless. No, he simply received individuals who sought him out through a scheduled appointment and upon listening to their situations which they voluntarily shared, he asked if they would like to hear why the bible has to say. For this he has been threatened with disciplinary action up to being thrown out of the service, an action that would likely effect his military retirement benefits. How does a man who has served with such honor and distinction, who went into combat missions without arms to provide spiritual guidance and comfort to those who might face life ending injuries become military enemy number one? I would submit to you that it starts at the top. Christian beliefs in the military are what prevent excesses and abuses. The moral compass of a Christian officer or the influence of a Christian Chaplain keeps morale and moral in their proper places. Under a marxist regime the use of military force upon the non compliant has a verifiable history and apparently this regime would like nothing better than to have that happen. Here is the latest update from Liberty Institute:

Today, Liberty Institute announces that Chaplain Modder’s commanding officer, Captain Jon R. Fahs, issued a “no contact” order to Chaplain Wes Modder (the military version of a restraining order), forbidding him from counseling or ministering to members of his unit. The order comes on the heels of a tragic death in Modder’s unit, banning him from ministering to grieving sailors and the deceased sailor’s family members.

After a sailor in his unit unexpectedly passed away, Chaplain Modder immediately acted to fulfill his usual chaplain duties of providing comfort and support to the deceased sailor’s grieving family. But just as Chaplain Modder was about to perform those duties, the Navy informed him of the “no contact” order, banning him from having any contact with any personnel from his unit, depriving him of the ability to comfort them during a time of grief and mourning. Captain Fahs also banished Chaplain Modder from the Naval base where Modder is stationed on the day of the memorial service for the fallen sailor. The order also comes just days after Captain Fahs denied Chaplain Modder’s request for a religious accommodation to provide pastoral counseling in accordance with his faith. (See Captain Fahs’ denial letter at https://www.libertyinstitute.org/ModderFacts)

“This Navy official is using the ‘no contact’ order as a weapon to punish and humiliate a decorated military chaplain, ” said Mike Berry, Liberty Institute Senior Counsel and Director of Military Affairs. “I am stunned that he would deny Chaplain Modder the ability to minister to a grieving family and other sailors.”

Liberty Institute President and CEO Kelly Shackelford said, “Of the most critical times for chaplains, the death of a colleague is near the top of the list. For this Navy official to bar a chaplain from comforting and ministering to sailors and families is a reprehensible violation of religious freedom and common human decency.” End Liberty Institute Release

This is atrocious!! Please call the Secretary of the Navy, secnavpa.fct@navy.mil, Ray Mabus and express your concerns. Ask him to intervene and stop this ridiculous behavior today!

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