@advanceliberty @jeffmateer #Chaplainmodder #religiousliberty @doseghostman Mike Berry with Pastor Greg

US Naval Chaplain Wes Modder has served this country honorably for the past 19+ years. He has had an exemplary career and has been deployed with special operations. He has helped thousands with his words of wisdom and biblical counseling. Now the US Navy has decided that his biblical values are no longer welcome in the US Navy. A non Chaplain personnel was inserted into his unit and because of his vows as a Chaplain he has been very limited in his ability to respond to such a vitriol attack. While all of this truly shocking and deeply concerning, the issue that makes this worse is the militaries continued efforts to destroy the constitutional rights of service members at the behest of such organizations as the Freedom From Religion Foundation, GLAAD, Americans for Separation of Church and State and other members of the LGBTQ community. Listen to the second half of tho show to here how dangerous this situation is:


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