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Indiana Governor Mike Pence has signed the RFRA for the State of Indiana. This law is identical to the 1993 Act passed by Congress and the same legislation that is law in 19 other states. Simply put this law allows businesses the right to not participate in activities that are against their religious convictions. This effects all people of faith, not jut Christians. The issue here is that anytime that the liberal left and the homosexual lobby hears that a Christian might actually be granted their first amendment rights they are livid and seem to feel that “tolerance” is only applicable to their worldview. No one is saying that they can not have their view or act upon it. Only that those who do not agree should not be compelled to violate their sacred beliefs unless it violates the interests of the State, such as a religion calling for the murder other non believing religions. Listen in as Jeff Mateer form Liberty Council explains the reality of this bill and also the American Pastors Network gathering he attended in Philadelphia. The program begins with an interview regarding Jade Helm 15:


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