@advanceliberty @jeremydys @doseghostman Jeremy Dys of Liberty Institute Joined Pastor Greg

Do you want to hear the good news first or the bad news? Well we decided to give you the good news first on Chosen Generation today during the second half of the program as Jeremy Dys from Liberty Institute joined Pastor Greg. In Oklahoma they have decided that Atheists unlike satan can’t roam about seeking whom they want to devour when it comes to religious liberty and Christian symbols. However on the not so good news front in Dallas Texas we learn that apparently you can meet for religious activities where they say you can meet for religious activities and that means not in your own home. It’s bad enough that the secularists want us to believe what we want in our houses but when we walk out the door of our home we are to leave those beliefs behind, no not just not say anything, but actually leave the behavior that those beliefs entail behind as well. Now in Dallas apparently that is not enough. Those beliefs are to remain locked away in your head and outward expressions of faith or following those guidelines is verboten.

Well if your head is not already about to explode the next part of the show will really get you there. See the US Navy is taking a Chaplain with 19 1/2 years of exemplary service and trying to ruin his career and throw him out because he….did his job. Yes Chaplain Wes Modder provided biblical comfort and counseling to those who sought him for just such an encounter. He expressed a biblical worldview, but someone did not like what he said. I have been given information that in fact a non chaplain personnel was planted in his unit for the purpose of obtaining some evidence that he was…as a chaplain…actually using the bible. Well tune in here to hear the interview it begins after the Gina Miller Segment:

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