#ALAC HB562 American Laws for American Courts Chris Byrd Trial Attorney joined Pastor Greg

We do live in America don’t we? SO shouldn’t American laws apply to our cases? If we lived Mexico we would expect to have to live by Mexican laws. If we lived in London then we would expect English laws. If we lived in Venezuela then well we would probably be in trouble. The point is where ever you live there is an expectation that the law of that land is what you must obey. Yet here in America some foreigners come here and expect to have their laws honored over ours. Lets say your Daughter meets a foreigner and they fall in love and get married. They have children and after several year he suddenly throws her out and keeps the children. These are your grandkids and your daughter. Would you not expect to find justice in an American court? Yet these foreigners expect that Judges will rule using their foreign laws and the Judges in many cases are unable to combat that ideology. American Laws for American courts will fix that. Chris Bird Trial Attorney for Byrd and Davis in Boerne Texas joins Pastor Greg to explain the importance of giving Judges the tools they need to make American Law decisions in American Courts on issues of family law.


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