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In late July and early August supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership appeared to have lost their bid to create a new world order by catering 40% of the worlds trade partners. Those in opposition gladly celebrated the defeat of efforts that would wipe out jobs and destroy the sovereignty of nations. Australia had walked away and Japan appeared to be balking at the terms of the agreement. The good guys appeared to have a win and evil had been pushed back.

Not so fast. As evil is known to do, it never sleeps. We good guys have a tendency to accept an outcome and move on. We play by the rules and when we win we believe the battle is over. If we lose we work on a way to survive in the world even if we don’t like the rules. We create and innovate. The evil does not do either of those things. Evil keeps pushing for its agenda. Evil acts as if the outcome is exactly what they wanted it to be rules be damned!

This past weekend the devil went down to Georgia and made the deal. The Trans Pacific Partnership has been signed and is now awaiting the signature of the resident in Chief of the USA. Our Congress which passed the Fast Track Amendment has paved a path for the unraveling of the United States of America and the Globalization of the world. While the TPP cover 40% of the worlds nations the TTIP (Trans Atlantic Investment Partnership) will secure the remaining 60% is on its heels.

Patrick Wood, one of the original whistle blowers on the Trilateral Commission in the 1970’s, has penned a book called Technocracy Rising , where he clearly outlines the intent of the Technocrats and in the interview today on Chosen Generation shares the tie between their agenda and the TPP and TTIP. Crista Huff, who worked tirelessly to stop TPP the first time, shares who the player are that pushed through Fast Track and are supporting the TPP. One of those who Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation mentioned is mounting a charge for the Speaker of the House is Paul Ryan, was a huge proponent of TPP. Once again at Chosen Generation the pieces of the puzzle reveal themselves as God shines His light on the darkness. Why would the establishment allow McCarty to fail? How would Chaffetz attempt to run play into the hands of the real puppet masters? Remember Paul Ryan was the great conservative hope that was aded to the Romney ticket in 2012 to get the Grassroots Tea Party vote. One small problem, Paul Ryan is not a Tea Party guy. He is a pawn used by the establishment to carry out their bidding.  His reward for going along? How about the Speaker of the House and pushing through the TPP and TTIP in order to bring in a one world order. Oh by the way Paul is a devout Catholic, not smashing Catholics here, but it was the Pope who visited the White House and espoused the one world government talking points on climate change and redistribution of wealth. Which brings up one other observation. While I was in Washington DC last week for the Values Voter Summit I observed that Putin of Russia, the Pope and Xi Jinping the President of China all met with Obama at the White House. Is it then only a coincidence that the following weekend the agreement that we thought was dead, which will destroy our sovereignty and create a true one world order is suddenly revived in a place called Atlanta Georgia. Which just happens to be the home to the CDC and FEMA. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

Here is the audio link to the Patrick Wood/Crista Huff Interview



Here is the link to Judson Phillips and the Inside Scoop on the Speaker



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