Praying for America
Tuesday Night conference call 7 PM CST
Call 712 775 7031 to join in enter meeting ID number 232545781
Join Pastor Greg and Jennifer LeClaire from Charisma Magazine along with special guests as we Appeal to Heaven for God’s intervention in our nation today.

 In His Service and For His Purpose,


Islam is attracting massive amounts of people in Kenya through the use of food and false promises. Pastor Namaan Kiptoo of Philadelphia Church in El Doret Kenya and Pastor Greg of Chosen Generation radio are joining together to stop this attack on the people of Kenya. Once these people accept the food they are taken away and indoctrinated into Islam with all of the trappings associated with this evil.

In response Pastor Kiptoo and I are raising funds to be able to feed the street families of El Doret and the surrounding villages so that they can freely choose the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Due to the Arid areas around El Doret many are suffering and when the Muslims show up they offer food on the condition that the people convert to Islam. This is breeding slavery into the people as they are then taken away for indoctrination and must stay Muslim or die.

Please help us to save the people of Kenya from this horrid fate by donating to our food drive.

Thank you and God bless you!!