#baronellestutzman needs our help call AG Bob Ferguson today

On Chosen Generation today Jonathan Scruggs with Alliance Defending Freedom joined me as we discussed the case of Baronelle Stutzman. Should a state dictate matters of conscience or matters of free speech? The AG Bob Ferguson forced his way into this situation and is making a historical effort to destroy the life of this grandmother. The same sex couple in this case was a nine year customer of Mrs. Stutzman and she had provided them a variety of services. She simply expressed that she could in no way participate in their wedding. This stance was not unknown to them and in fact they simply posted this on their Facebook. That post went viral amongst some of their more militant friends and the AG inserted himself into the situation. AG Bob Ferguson has been attacking Christians in Washington State and has apparently made that one of his missions. That is why he needs to hear form believers in Jesus Christ, we must not remain silent. Her is todays audio:


AG Bob Ferguson (360) 753 6200

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