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Deception will reveal:

1) The infamous video, “Innocence of Muslims,” went viral with – and only with – a direct assist from the U.S. government.
– When Hillary Clinton initially blamed the YouTube video for the Benghazi attacks, virtually no one had actually seen it. U.S. government officials had to tell reporters where to find it.

– The video didn’t go viral until it was posted to a YouTube channel apparently owned by a U.S. government contractor with ties to current CIA Director John Brennan, then a top White House official.

– Once it did go viral, the contractor took down the YouTube channel and wiped all trace of it from the Google server – but not before an alert user captured a screenshot and traced it back to the contractor.
2) Newly-released emails from Hillary’s private server show that former White House aide Sidney Blumenthal helped craft and promote the “Blame-it-on-the-video” narrative,
– Blumenthal sent bogus “intelligence” linking the video to the Benghazi attacks to the secretary of state provided by a known-intelligence fabricator, Tyler Drumheller, and helped Mrs. Clinton to exploit Benghazi for political purposes

– The emails show that Mrs. Clinton and her entourage were obsessed with Christian Pastor Terry Jones and sought to impose Islamic blasphemy laws to limit the free speech of Americans.

– The maker of Innocence of Muslims, Nakoula Bassiley Nakoula, was the first victim of these Islamic blasphemy laws.

3) Left-wing journalists knowingly put out false information about the filmmaker, calling him an “Israeli Jew” with “100 Jewish donors,” further enflaming passions across the Middle East to advance Mrs. Clinton’s agenda and bolster the coverup.

4) Google became a willing partner of the Obama administration in promoting the video, coordinating their historic copyright case with a top aide to Hillary Clinton.
– Deception presents the first-ever inside account of the historic lawsuit against Google and YouTube by “Innocence of Muslims” actress Cindy Lee Garcia, based on exclusive interviews with the participants, including the filmmaker, and access to the complete court files.

– Newly-released State Department transcripts show that Mrs. Clinton knew the YouTube video had no bearing on the Benghazi attacks, but lied to the American people anyway.
Finally, in an important Afterword, author Kenneth Timmerman reveals dramatic new information that will change the way Americans think about the Benghazi attack itself, based on formerly classified documents and the testimony of top military and intelligence officials.

Deception. It went deep. It went dark. It went global.

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