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Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy. It is likely that Obama will intervene and should he be found guilty, grant him a pardon, or at the least make sure he has a trial weighted in his favor. Yes, I believe that is exactly what will happen to this traitor who cost American lives by his collaboration with the enemy, gave the enemy valuable intel and has likely been giving intel to the enemy since he was returned to the states. On top of that Bergdahl’s father proclaimed the White House belonged to Islam as Obama looked on and smiled broadly. Dan Gainor, Michael Connelly and Pastor Greg identified these truths and exposed them in June of last year. In fact Pastor Greg called the office of Congressman Lamar Smith to ask for articles of impeachment to be filed for the Obama’s direct involvement in the illegal and unconstitutional trade of five Taliban level one threats in exchange for a Muslim convert traitor, while a US Marine was rotting away in a Mexican jail, an american Pastor was held hostage in Iran (who is still there) and American journalists were held and later beheaded by the same groups.

In this program from June 5, 2014 Dan Gainor and Pastor Greg call for action on the Bergdahl exchange and the Clinton testimony:

In this program dates June 9, 2014, Michael Connelly of the United States Justice Foundation joined Pastor Greg as they discussed the legal premise for impeachment and High Crimes and Misdemeanors due to Obama’s actions in the Bergdahl exchange and why we knew then he was a traitorous deserter:

In this June 11,2014 program Dan Gainor and Pastor Greg further discuss the White House refusal to acknowledge the problems with the Bergdahl trade and the threat to our nation. The declaration of the father of Bergdahl and the absolute immorality of this act by the resident in the White House:

In this final clip from January 27, 2015 news broke confirming what we already knew and the White House was quick to denounce the findings of the military investigation. Now we see it rereleased, but even then Pastor Greg called Congressman Lamar Smith’s office to request he begin impeachment proceedings on the grounds of High Crimes and Misdemeanors based on there legal premise presented by Michael Connelly and the USJF.

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