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  • Witches Unite To Harm Trump, Starting Tonight at Midnight February 24, 2017
    Real witches are coming together tonight to cast spells to harm President Donald Trump. According to ExtraNewsFeed, witches are circulating instructions in private witchcraft groups and throughout the Internet detailing how to cast a spell that would “bind Trump to all who abet Read More ...
  • Iowa to Make Pro-Life History Within Days of Roe’s Passing February 24, 2017
    This month, within days of the death of perhaps one of the most influential women in America, Iowa legislators are acting to fulfill her dying wish to stop funding for, and ultimately end, abortion. On February 18, Norma “Roe” McCorvey, Read More ...
  • Most Americans Can’t Travel to Muslim Majority Countries February 11, 2017
    Americans, Atheists, Christians, Jews, & Israelis Can’t Enter (or Leave) These Countries Safely, If At All With all of the misinformation and confusion about the temporary travel ban, Americans should keep in mind that there are over three dozen countries Read More ...
  • EPIC: Jonathan Cahn Sums Up Obama’s Anti-Christian Legacy January 28, 2017
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s last words to Barack Obama, as described in his National Prayer Breakfast remarks, are perhaps the most fitting summary of Obama’s anti-biblical and anti-Christian legacy. He said, Obama: led this nation to champion the killing of the unborn, Read More ...
  • The Promise of Aquarius: Pouring Out of the Holy Spirit January 25, 2017
    As Joseph Augustus Seiss explains in his seminal work, The Gospel in the Stars, the twelve signs of the Solar Zodiac are divided into three groups with each group having a specific focus. The group of Capricornus, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries Read More ...