***BREAKING*** Megan Barth ReaganBaby joins Pastor Greg to discuss the #UsefullIdiots @reagan_baby #InLiesWeTrust @edbrodow #DeplorablePeople @MichaelMrobertc #BoostImmunity Michael Schwartz

#UsefullIdiots @reagan_baby #InLiesWeTrust @edbrodow #DeplorablePeople @MichaelMrobertc #BoostImmunity Michael Schwartz

Megan Barth ReaganBaby joins Pastor Greg to discuss the #UsefullIdiots who insist that sitting out the national anthem to support how oppressive America is while collecting millions of dollars to PLAY A GAME shows their social awareness.

Three terrorist attacks strike the US, first response was denial, second response is doesn’t effect refugee resettlement, third response TRUMP SAID BOMB!

Ed Brodow author of In Lies We Trust How Politicians and the Media are deceiving the American Public. Get Ed’s Book here!

Michael Connelly USJF what makes half of America DEPLORABLE in the eyes of Hillary Clinton? Are u among those she is talking about?

Michael Schwartz of Michael’s Health joins Pastor Greg to discuss boosting your immune system.

If you think the #BoycottNFL issue is going away please read this to understand the deeper issue. In 1936 Adolph Hitler hosted the Olympics. He saw domination on the field of sport as a means to intimidate the world. From Roman times forward and during the Soviet Unions Cold War the mystique of athletic superiority carried a far more significant meaning into battles and negotiations. Capturing the sports arena and the minds of those who watch is a significant step in our devolution.

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