@bridget_PJM joins Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation

Bridget Johnson the Washington Editor for PJ Media joins Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation to discuss the Iranian Nuclear deal and the administrations continued attacks on Israel. Concession is some times used as a negotiating tactic, however tis administration has gone more in the direction of Santa Claus in their negotiations with Iran and even with all the gifts on the table Iran continues to act like the spoiled child demanding more. While the administration refuses to even consider the lives of Americans being held in Iran while they negotiate away the one stabilizing force in the middle east and propose to abandon Israel. What was the justification given by the administration for releasing five Taliban Tier One threats? Because we leave no one behind. Really? What about Hekmati, Rezaian, Abedini and Levinson? Amir Mizra Hekmati is a former US Marine that was arrested for supposedly being a spy for the CIA. Jason Rezaian the Washington Post Bureau Chief in Tehran was arrested in 2012. Pastor Saeed Abedini who was abducted by the Iranian government in the summer os 2012. Robert Levinson was taken prisoner in 2007. All four of these Americans are being virtually ignored by this Administration as they negotiate to arm these enemies of America, who have sworn to destroy America.

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