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#ExposingObamaLegacy From targeting conservatives with his IRS in 2012 to spying on political enemies through the NSA to Fast and Furious, Benghazi and his broken promises of Utopia Obama has created quite a legacy. Filmmaker Joel Gilbert has created a set of documentaries that expose this legacy in a manner similar to Michael Moore on the left. The difference? With the truth you don’t have to narrate around the facts. Joel joins Pastor Greg to share his journey to expose these truths.

#BLMDisruptJ20 If you read the Disrupt J20 page or follow BLM Chicago or any of the many twitter feeds you will see that they appear to be planning a siege of Washington DC between the 19th ans 20th of January in an effort to stop the Trump inauguration. Derrick Wilburn founder of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives joins me to discuss the continued lies being perpetrated by the BLM and racists like John Lewis.

#KeepYourDoctor With the coming changes in health care no one knows for sure what to expect. What you can know for sure is how to keep control of your health care starting today by Joining Liberty HealthShare. Dale Bellis CEO joins us to explain how and why.

#HackersBeware President Elect Donald Trump has selected former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as his cyber security adviser and lead the team. Is he the best candidate for the job? Can he address the issues facing our country? Is the left concerned about this issue or simply practicing continued character assassination? Mike Daugherty author and cyber security expert joins Pastor Greg.


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#MLKDay #BLM is practicing the oldest trick in the Marxist/Alinsky book, namely revisionist History. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Republican, and a man of peace is being reformed as a violent radical. Megan Barth Reagan Baby joins me to discuss this and the upcoming Inauguration,

#CIAFakeNews Did CIA Director John Brenann intentionally attempt to sabotage President Elect Donald Trump by leaking Fake intelligence news. Herb London London Center for Policy Research joins me to discuss this and how Trump will hopefully restore faith in our intelligence community after the Obama Admin has spied on Americans and allowed covert operatives to be exposed.

#DefeatingSharia Can Islam use our constitution against us? How can a declared enemy be allowed to use the 1st amendment to mount a military attack within out own borders? Michael Connelly Constitutional Attorney joins me to discuss.

#MiracleHealth What if the natural compounds around us created by God could actually make us healthier? Michael Schwartz Michael’s Health explains how it works and I have a testimony!



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#DANGERVERYREAL Don Jans #SILENCINGTHEPRESS @FNInsider #CaliforniaHolder @gunowners @LarryPratt #PresidentialDisaster @tevitroy

#DangerVeryREAL the idea that now there is a new President has created a sense that the battle is over. However the Socialist/Marxist agenda is far from done. Don Jans joins me to pull back the curtain!

#RussiaRussia Now Shep Smith is siding with CNN John Leboutilier joins me to discuss the latest drama. Is Trump really silencing free speech or is he standing up to left wing bullying? Also the latest on the Cabinet hearings.

#ProtectYourself #CaliforniaHolder Larry Pratt Gun Owners of America joins me to discuss the implications of California hiring Eric Holder to defend their liberal agenda. And, with all the threatened protests and violence at the inauguration you better be ready to defend yourself.

#PresidentDisasters Dr Tevi TroyEx-#HHS Deputy Secretary & #WhiteHouse aide. Author of best-selling @whatjfrsnread and the new book Shall We Wake the President?

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#EconomicWeapons #OilEnergyMAGA Obama has been buddies with Iran and Cuba and yet Rex Tillerson is being vilified because Exon had business dealings with Iran. Is the left really concerned with propriety? Or are they afraid of what Rex Tillerson might know and do? Dan Perkins Author Speaker and Radio host joins me to discuss this and much much more.

#DemsonFire Judson Philips Tea Party Nation joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Dems all out attack on Trump and the way the President Elect is responding. Will more conservatives grow a back bone?

#ChristianPersecution Today on Chosen Generation Radio George Barna and I discuss how many Christians do not even realize the attack on our religious freedoms. It is the frog in the pot syndrome. While the church has slumbered the United States has become a place of persecution for the only belief system that has secured her freedoms. This is why I have been called to do the show. The decision so far not to challenge the Obergefell vs Hodges SCOTUS decision on marriage by the new administration means further aggressive persecution of biblical values. And yes I omitted Traditional because there is only one set of biblical values the rest is perversion and lies.

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#ChosenGenerationRadio Exposing the Darkness by Shining the Light. #Help send us to CPAC

My name is Pastor Greg Young and I do a radio show called Chosen Generationwhere no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses.

My show is now on 15 stations across the country and the message is to awaken people of faith to become engaged in what is happening in their commuities, cities, states and nation. Before you conclude that I am a hater or some other nasty name that is often hurled at people of biblical faith let me say that my show attempts to bring a reasonable argument to the issues that impact people with a biblical worldview. Some say that a Pastor does not belong in a political conversation, however, it was the political powerthat the Saduccees and Pharisees were afraid of losing according to John 11:46. Nearly every issue has been politicized from marriage to baby birth to what bathroom to use. Yet in each case there is a biblical standard and I believe that bible believing people should have the right to hold to those beliefs. 

I am raising funds to send myself and my 17 year old daughter who assists me to Washington DC for CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  I am also in need of a piece of equipment that will allow me to do a satellite link up.

The conference begins February 22nd and goes until February 25th . I was able to raise sponor funds last year that allowed me to go. This year I would like to take my daughter who has been assisting me. We need funds for air travel, hotel and food.  We need these funds ASAP as prices go up daily and availability goes down.

This has been a very unsettling election year for many Americans on both sides of the party system. It has caused huge divisions within the parties and our nation. I believe that the message of Chosen Generation can bring truth and love together. CPAC this year will be critical and being able to broadcast live from there and ask clarifying questions of those that weill lead us at least the next four years. I want to bring truth and the message of reconciliation. To give the audience a front ropw seat at what is really going in the conference and how it will impactour nation.

I believe that there is a divine purpose in my being there. Last year at VVS(Value Voter Summit) and CPAC I was able to do some really powerful ministry for hurting people. In addition my daughter Collynn who survived a role over car accident in September and was with me at the last VVS, really needs the opportunity to see what fighting for freedom and liberty looks like outside of the faith community walls. She has been through a lot and this opportunity would be a real blessing.

I will be most grateful for your support. I know there are a lot of needs expressed here . This is important because there is so much misinformation out there. I believe there is a place for an honest assessment of where we are as a country and that this CPAC will be a very revealing look since the President and most of his cabinet will be there and will be available for interviews. Thank you for your consideration! God bless you and God bless America! DONATE NOW

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#HELP are U tired of Media Spin? Please send us to CPAC to share the truth

This is why I believe God called me to do Chosen Generation Radio to address the issue that the church has withdrawn from society on the grounds she has no business in politics. The enemy has convinced Christians of this and then politicized everything from education to marriage to when life begins. Government has been used by men to replace God and the church has acted as though turn the other cheek meant give the world back to Satan. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. And as He ascended He said Heaven and Earth are now mine. We are at war with the devil for what Jesus Christ bought and paid for. That’s why I talk about everything on the program because it’s all the Kingdom Jesus redeemed. Thanks for your support.

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#ObamaPutinLoveFest @danGainor @theMRC @Newsbusters #LondonFalling Scott Coren #Tribalrights @pacificlegal #Trump2017 @weavercountry

#ObamaPutinLoveFest In 2012, President Obama was overheard over a hot microphone telling President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia he would have “more flexibility” to negotiate with Putin after the election. Ukraine, the false Red Line, release of Gitmo prisoners, $150 billion to Iran to help them by armaments from Russia to prop up Russian economy, suppression of American Natural Gas production to bolster Russia’s role as a natural gas purveyor and the list goes on and on, Where is the investigation? Dan Gainor Media Research Newsbusters   Media Research Center joins me to discuss this and the medias continued fawning over Obama and villinization of Trump.

#LIVEFROMTHEUK Scott Coren joins us live from the UK with an update on the Refugee invasion and the latest Muslim marches supported of course by London’s radical Muslim Mayor.


Secret Life of the Mayor of London


#FreetoBeMe For over 30 years, Peggy Fontenot has sold her beadwork and photographs at American Indian art shows across the country. But this year, at the behest of politically connected tribes, Oklahoma passed a law that prohibits anyone who is not a member of a federally recognized tribe from marketing their art as “American Indian-made.” Anastasia Boden joins us to discuss the ramifications of this law.

#TrumpInnauguration “As a veteran, it would be an amazing experience to perform for our newly elected President,” said Weaver. “I was proud to serve our country twice and am pleased to welcome a President that is a strong supporter of our troops. Ryan Weaver joins me to discuss all the chaos from Hollywood and entertainers boycotting the Trump invitation.


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#DefendingCapitalism @SteveBeaman #IslamicThreat @koomeministries #KeepyourDoctor @sharingLHS #Amazon @daughertyMJ

#CureforGreed #ProducingEconomicHealth Steve Beaman Founder of Chicago Investment Analytics (CIA) which he sold to Charles Schwab in 2000 and host of his own show joins Pastor Greg. How does a biblical foundation lead to better economic decisions?

#GitmoRelease #ISISrecruiting How do we fight this continued assault? Kamal Saleem former Jihadist turned born again Christian shares how Islam is recruiting on our college campuses, in our military and with their Mosques.

#KeepYourDoctor #HealthFreedom Dale Bellis CEO Liberty HealthShare explains ho you can choose your doctor and how Liberty Health Share creates freedom for you and your doctor to pursue a healthy life and not a sick one.

#Amazon Another case of the government demanding records from a service provider, How far will they go or should they go> Mike Daugherty our Cyber Security expert weighs in.

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The Tactics of Islam to destroy the West through infiltration with Obama’s help @koomeministries @seanhannity @RushLimbaugh

Kamal Saleem Ignite the Fire 

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#politicalGlobes @Reagan_Baby #FinalDays @forstchen #Consitution @MichaelMRobertC #Nukes @BryanCrabtree

#PoliticalGlobes are people tired of political speeches at Hollywood Award Ceremonies? Hollywood most persecuted? How about Christians in the Middle East? Megan Barth Reagan Baby joins me.

#FinalDays William Forstchen Author with a warning.

#Constitution Michael Connelly Is there a constitutional precedent for the behavior of Obama’s administration.

#KoreanNukes Bryan Crabtree Is there a real threat of nuclear involvement with the Russian North Korean and Iranian Axis?



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