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On todays show we will open with Don Jans, author of My Grandchildrens America, for our Pulling Back the Curtain segment. Our topic today is Obama’s reaffirmation of his intention to fundamentally change America. His plan to transform America into a Marxist society. Don share some examples of how this is happening and how a true understanding of history reveals when this began.

On the second half of the program I will be joined by Jennifer LeClaire, News Editor of Charisma Magazine for our Dose of the Ghost segment. We will be discussing the Texas case where a Federal Judge in Texas has agreed to hear a case involving a challenge to Texas 2005 constitutional amendment affirming that marriage in Texas is between a man and a woman. Due to the recent Supreme Court decision and the legalization of same sex marriage benefits being offered by the federal government the argument is that states do not reserve the right to determine their own laws. They must offer to all citizens what they offer to some, recognition of marriage by those married in other states. This suit is being filed in San Antonio,, look for the Mayor of San Antonio to offer marriage licenses in the very near future as a challenge to the Attorney General. This will be done in conjunction with a massive campaign to try to get Wendy Davis elected as Governor.

Mark Driscoll the popular Mars Hill Pastor has been accused of plagiarism. How do we address these kind of inconsistencies in the Christian world? Is there any truth to an attempted character assassination because of his stand on McArthur, who is a friend of the radio host that started this?

The recent suicide of Isaac Hunter and that of the son of Rick Warren, has led to a discussion of suicide amongst clergy and the pressures that are causing this outbreak. Is suicide a problem in the church and how do we get a handle on it?

If you missed todays program you can listen to it by going to amd clicking on listen to all episodes. Todays guest was Michael Ramey of Parental Our discussion on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will effect every parent trying to raise a disabled child in America. These next two weeks are crucial as the Senate considers ratifying this treaty. If they and you have a disabled child you may well live the nightmares found in Overruled a film that exposes true stories about what has happened to parental rights here in America. This short 35 minute film will shock you and make you very concerned for the safety and well being of your children and grandchildren in our public schools and in our society. Please consider holding a gathering of friends to view this. If you would like to organize a larger community showing please let me know. Remember that together we can turn this thing around.

Here are some links to the topics discussed on todays program;

Harry Reid and his insider influence:

Information on Gardasil:

Current Congressional Sponsors on Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution:

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