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Dear Friends

It is Friday and time for Pulling Back the Curtain with Don Jans. On todays program we will look at how Obama has revealed himself to be a marxist. What are some of the ways he is leading us down that path? What will be the goals of 2014 to further our slide into “equality”? How are his presidential appointments a part of that plan?

On the second half of the program we are going to get a Dose of the Ghost as I am joined by Jennnifer LeClaire News Editor of Charisma magazine. As we enter into 2014 what can we do to improve our spiritual health and have a greater impact in our world? Scripture says that the field is ripe for the harvest but the workers are few. A recent Gallup Poll says that 75% of americans believe that American society would be better off if more Americans were religious. If the general public is ready for this how do we wade through the medias bias, the government bias and deliver to the people what they really need which is a relationship with Jesus Christ? Join us as we discuss how 2014 could be a real turn around year in America.

One of the points that was made in the Behold a Pale Horse movie I watched Monday night was the importance of knowing what the constitution has to say. I would like to invite you to consider participating in the upcoming Constitutional Class being held by the Oak Initiative. The cost is $30 for Adults and $15 for students and will start on Monday January 13th at 11:30 AM. The class will last 12 weeks and it is 2 hours long and this one is being held in Kerrville at Southern Oaks Baptist Church. If you would like to sign up or have questions please contact Denise Ferguson at 830 377 4879 or you can respond to Ed Shuler

Please consider partnering with me to expand the reach of the program and help me to add affiliates. Remember today is the last day to get a tax deduction for this year. The San Antonio option is still there but I need support to act. If you know a business person looking to promote their business please let me know. If you would like to make a donation you can do it two ways. On my web site use the secure Paypal option and the donate button. By mail send your tax deductible gift to Family Christian Center PO Box 3393 Bandera Texas 78003. You can listen to the program on line at or review any of my previous shows by going to the web site and clicking on the All Episodes link in the Chosen Generation box on the front page. Remember that together we can turn this thing around. Please share this email with your friends. Thank you and God bless you. Lets make 2014 a year to remember!

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