Chosen Generation for Friday Host Pastor Greg, Don Jans and Jennifer LeClaire

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On Fridays program we continue to pull back the curtain on the Marxist Obama agenda with my guest Don Jans author of My Grandchildren’s America. At every turn in this Christmas season we have witnessed hostility toward Christianity. The US Department of Veterans Affairs forbid a teacher to deliver the Christmas cards her students had created to cheer up the Veterans at the VA Hospital in Dallas. The reason was they continued the words Merry Christmas and God bless you. As reported on here on Chosen Generation teachers in Bulloch County in Georgia teachers were demanded to remove any scripture references and religious language from their email correspondence. What role does the destruction of morality play in furthering the Marxist Obama agenda? Why are they seemingly focused on destroying the church and biblical Christianity in particular?

On the second half of the program today I will be joined by Jennifer LeClaire, News Eidtor of Charisma Magazine for A Dose of the Ghost segment. Many have spoken of the impending judgement of God on America for her embrace of the things God has called an abomination and for her removal of God from the public sphere. From abortion to same sex marriage to greed and fornication of all types to a refusal to allow God in any government facility, America has seemed to tell God that she does not need Him. Granted this is not a true majority opinion but is the expression of its executive, legislative and judicial branches. Books like the Harbinger have detailed the coming judgement of God. In contrast Reinhard Bonnke in ealry February 2013 said he saw a great awakening, a harvest of souls in America. Can a nation which seems to have embraced a position in opposition to God see a great harest of souls? Both prophecies indicate a time of darkness, is it possible that God is requiring a true heart of repentance before He opens up the gates for the flames of revival? Do the pulpits of America need to first burn with callls to repentance? Does not judgement begin first at the house of God? Jpin Jennifer LeClaire and I as we discuss these issues.

I want to invite you to two upcoming events. First on Monday night December 30th there will be two showings one at 7:15 and the other at 7:30 PM in Fredericksburg at the Fritztown Theatre 2254 South Highway 87 Fredericksburg there will be a one time public showing of the movie “Behold A Pale Horse, America Aflame”. Starring Country Music legend Charlie Daniels, this film is in documentary form and was five years in the making. If you have seen Behold A Pale Horse on DVD, you have only seen a part of the story. This film adds to that work and will give you a greater insight into the battle we are in and the truth we need to know. Lets fill up the theatre. The only way we turn this around is to become involved. If you missed my interview this morning I had Mark Collins on the program to discuss George Washington and the signifance of this film. Here is that interview. Also on the first half of the show was Dean Bailey with some great insight into how we can better understand reaching those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle. Here is the link;

Secondly I would like to invite you to consider participating in the upcoming Constitutional Class being held by the Oak Initiative. The cost is $30 for Adults and $15 for students and will start on Monday January 13th at 11:30 AM. The class will last 12 weeks and it is 2 hours long and this one is being held in Kerrville at Southern Oaks Baptist Church. If you would like to sign up or have questions please contact Denise Ferguson at 830 377 4879 or you can respond to Ed Shuler

Please consider partnering with me to expand the reach of the program and help me to add affiliates. The San Antonio option is still there but I need support to act. If you know a business person looking to promote their business please let me know. If you would like to make a donation you can do it two ways. On my web site use the secure Paypal option and the donate button. By mail send your tax deductible gift to Family Christian Center PO Box 3393 Bandera Texas 78003. You can listen to the program on line at or review any of my previous shows by going to the web site and clicking on the All Episodes link in the Chosen Generation box on the front page. Remember that together we can turn this thing around. Please share this email with your friends.

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