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Well you can not turn anywhere that you are not going to see a comment and a news release about the Phil Robertson story. In one interview which quoted the scripture and unveiled the argument that the homosexual ideologues and their marxist handlers have been working for 60 years to hide, Phil Robertson may have done what the churches have refused to do and that is to point out from a very anatomical perspective why their behavior is so unnatural. I realize that true biblical Christians have already come to this conclusion. That what homosexuality is and why it is a sin are not debatable to us, but this is not the case amongst many of our youth, in the world and to the media entranced public. The issue for them is the flavor of ice cream. I don’t care if he likes vanilla and I like chocolate. I do not care if she likes whip cream and she likes nuts. But Phil Robertson has exposed the deception. In the garden Satan tempted Eve with the question, “Did God really say?” We are confronted regularly with the questions that the “homosexual christian” has answered. Scripture was misinterpreted for centuries, thousands of years really, did God really say it was an abomination? Did God really forbid it? What about the old rules of Leviticus? What about the interpretation of the temple prostitutes? Over and over again they twist the Word But here is another tact they have used parading out the sweet unthreatening older woman, older man, younger man or woman. Mixing straight and homosexuals together to create the adds.

What they do not want you to look at is what they actually do. What they are actually attracted to do. You see the statements of Phil Robertson has let the cat out of the bag. Now they must villanize Phil because they can not have anyone pointing out the unnatural behavior. Americans still consider certain activities to be inappropriate and the issue of homosexual behavior at its root is one of those things. Now they must once again defend an activity and a desire that is repulsive. They know this and in the face of a very truthful and biblically correct conversation their only defense is to attack and get the offender of air as quickly as possible. While they may have influence over the media they are living in a fantasy world to think that Duck Dynasty is just going to go away. As a friend of mine mentioned to me today, Duck Dynasty is more popular than the President. A&E will fail because they have allowed the arrogance of the homosexuals which is the same arrogance found in our resident to cause then to jump off the cliff.

My prayer is that in mass those that are trapped in this life style will be awakened to what it really is and see the light to come out of their addiction. In the Bourne Identity trilogy Jason faces the reality that he is a murderer an assassin and this causes him to be thrown into the condition of Amnesia. He can not deal with who he is and searches to find his true identity. As former sinners bought by the blood of the lamb living as a new men and women, as new creations I think we can all identify with what it was like when we realized our sinful nature. I pray that this view into their darkest tendency will make this sin so real that they will be able to break free and search out their identity in Christ.

On the program Friday we will once again pull back the curtain with Don Jans author of My Grandchildrens America. This week we will focus on Winning the War, How to discuss Marxism without alienating those who are confused.

On the second half of the program we will enter a Dose of the Ghost with my friend Jennifer LeClaire, News Editor of Charisma Magazine. While we will likely discuss the issue surrounding Phil Robertson, we will also discuss the Mark Driscoll plagiarism issue. Do mega Pastors receive special treatment and does this injure the witness of the church? A former gay activist has recently gotten married and this is bringing out more and more folks with their stories of how God has transformed their lives. The gay community is furious with this as they have contended and have pushed many in the Mental health community to promote that they are born that way and there is no way out. Finally we will take a moment to remember a man of God who unashamedly preached the gospel and had a profound effect on many lives, Ken Hutcherson.

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