Chosen Generation for Friday with Host Pastor Greg and Don Jans, Pulling Back the Curtain and Jennifer LeClaire, A Dose of the Ghost

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The Philippines has experienced what is considered the worst storm in recorded history. My guest today was Dr Greg Romine. He and his wife are personal friends with the President of the Philippines Benigno “NoyNoy” Aquino III. They have been actively involved with working with the Philippine government on the issue of sex trafficking and have reliable people on the ground. Their ministry can take the donations and make sure they are used to meet immediate needs like food and water and clothing. There is also some bonus audio here:

This is information that we ran out of time to get on the show and is only available through this link or the web site.

On Fridays show I will be joined in the first half of the show by Don Jans, author of My Grandchildrens America, as we continue our series on Pulling Back the Curtain. On todays program we look at Obamaism and totalitarianism. How are the actions of the current resident and his exceeding his constitutional authority a parallelism to the ideologies of his mentors. What is Obamaism and how do we wake up those blinded by it?

On the second half of the program it is time for A Dose of the Ghost with my co host Jennifer LeClaire, News Editor of Charisma Magazine. Last week we discussed the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing Project, and this has generated quite a bit of dialogue with the wolf. What do we do with a wolf? Does God owe us a miracle or a sign? Also Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson was asked to speak at a fundraiser for Free Will Baptist Church, who is trying to raise $1.7 Million for a school expansion. The Duck Dynasty family recently penned a deal to add their names to a line of wine. So the School canceled the event. Narrow minded, old fashioned, Religious zealots, these are just some of the names that were thrown at the school. The Duck folks have also received some criticisms, but it was the news headline that got all of the attention. Upon further review though the real issue is this. The school is specifically for high risk children who are in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. So the real issue is do we parade someone in front of them who is a spokesperson for a company selling alcohol? Finally we will be looking at the prayer requests that are posted at

As always Fridays are an interesting show, so be sure to tune in. There are three ways to listen, on your radio at 1230 AM, on the internet through the link listen live link on my web site (
or listen at your convenience by clicking on the click here for all episodes link. Remember together we can turn this thing around!

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