Chosen Generation for Friday

Dear Friends,

Yesterday on the program I had Lt. General (Ret) Jerry Boykin on for the second half of the program. He discussed the current atmosphere in the military, the dismissal of high level and mid level commanders, the increase in cases of rape in the military and that out of 24,000 cases this year, 14,000 were male on male. After the program General Boykin stayed on with me to record some additional content. Recently he came under attack for his statements regarding Benghazi and the Syrian Missile connection, in this exclusive interview he addresses this and several other hot issues on the current political climate in the middle east based on conversations he has had with those in the know, be sure to go to the web site and click on All Episodes in the Chosen Generation box. Go to Overtime with General Boykin. I really appreciate the General taking the extra time to share these very real concerns for our nation.

On the first half of the Friday show I will be joined by Don Jans once again as we pull back the curtain. On todays show we discuss the two major enemies to our freedom. Islam tells us that they hate us and they are an open enemy. The second enemy is the Obamism Marxism which tries to tell us they are our friend but is destroying us from the very highest ranks.

On the second half of the program I will be joined by Jennifer LeClaire, News Editor of Charisma Magazine for our Dose of the Ghost segment. A recent court decision in the UK states that a Christian commercial that was to air on a Christian Radio station that calls for fairness in the public discourse was to political and could not be aired. How does this decision possibly inform us as to where we are headed in America? What should believers be doing in the face of such persecution? Be silent or speak out that is the question. Also what is the new tolerance, is it really tolerance ? How does that speak to the new thrust by atheists to try to convince believers to stop believing? Also be sure to send in your prayer requests at the web site as Jennifer and I will be closing the program by praying over those requests. God bless you and remember together we can turn this thing around.

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