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On Mondays show I will be airing the the second part of the interview which I did with General Jerry Boykin (Ret). In the interview he answers the critiques relate to his speculation on Benghazi any how the Syrian missile exchanges might have been a catalyst for those attacks. What are those blocking this investigation hiding? General Boykin has spoken to those near to this issue and he explains their involvement.

On the second half of the program I will be joined by Justin Butterfield, Esq. Justin is with Liberty Institute and will discuss the recent attack on religious liberty in Bellaire, Texas, where a Jewish Rabbi was cited by the city for holding meetings of 5 to 15 people in hits home. Justin was also was the editor of Undeniable; The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America. What are the trends telling us? What were the most shocking aspects of this report?

This past few days we have seen several events that I believe deserve to be examined and that will be significant to our liberties and our national security.

On Thursday the Senate voted to change the rules regarding the ability of the minority party to block Presidential nominees to the Courts or the Cabinet. Resident Obama has appointed the most anti American, pro Marxist judges and Cabinets members in the history of our nation. The Republicans have used the Filibuster option to attempt to slow down the complete transformation of America. Now with this vote that option no longer exists. By changing the rules from a vote of 60 to a simple majority of 51 the Democratic controlled Senate has changed a 200 year old protection built in by our founders to give the minority party a defense against a majority that might try to take over the country.

In this article dated November 12th on Breitbart by Ken Klukowski, Mr. Klukowski quotes a statement from Resident Obama where on November 6th he told a crowd at a private Liberal fundraiser that “we are remaking the courts”. This preceded the vote by the Senate to change the rules making his desire to transform the courts a reality. I am working to get Ken Klukowski on the program this next week.

THe next issue is the Iranian treaty. This change in policy sends a dangerous message to an entity that is our sworn enemy. Iran is currently holding a number of American citizens in its prisons, and yet this administration is negotiating reducing the sanctions without any reference to the US prisoners in their jails. This is especially egregious since the prisoners are being held under religious persecution issues. Negotiating with this regime is to the Middle Eastern Islamic mind set a sign of weakness which will encourage aggression on the part of the Radical Islamic world. This is another means by which this administration can send supplies to factions associate with the Muslim Brotherhood and other enemy combatants of the United States.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of doing a private screening of the movie Return to the Hiding Place. This film is very powerful and at its conclusion the audience sat in stunned silence as the full weight of what they saw sunk in. One of the guests commented, “This movie is worth a million words.” I was disappointed in the turn out as I really believe that this movie shows just how close we are to mirroring the events of the 1940’s. Another film the I saw was Hunger Games;Girl on Fire. Folks this film is a true metaphor for the state of affairs we are heading into. Firstly I believe that in the realm of the spirit we are there. In the natural the film shows what a tyrannical two class system looks like. This is what a Marxist communist Obamaist nation looks like. The destruction of the middle class as we know it is imperative What are some of the signs? How about the destruction of the family? There is a marriage tax penalty associate with the Obamacare bill. There are abortion provisions, Plan B full effect, children given medical care without parental involvement and the list goes on and on. No personal religious exemptions for participation in the funding of abortion.

On a positive note it seems as though many more people are awake to the the events that we are seeing. Perhaps this is the reason that there seems to be an acceleration  of the agenda as they are growing concerned over the intervention that seems to be coming. We must increase the awareness and awaken greater numbers. We must do what god has said is our responsibility. We must be a part of the solution. God will one day ask us what we did with our talents. Not just personally but if Jesus has restored us to our former position before the fall, restored relationship with Him and therefore the same mandate given to Adam, dominion and responsibility over the world. A world that Jesus said is now mine, having redeemed it from the curse, then does it not seem logical that we better start taking responsibility for our roles. I recently was discussion this with a friend and she heard a teaching on this that compared us to a bride. Would a bride who is awaiting her groom not do all that is necessary to be ready for her marriage day? Would it not be logical for her to work on her fitness, mind, body and spirit? To gets a wedding dress and be properly attired? To make sure the details of the day are in order? The guests assembled, the reception planned? Isn’t that just common sense? So is the church ready? Has it been the manifold presence of Christ on earth? We should not have a moral dilemma in America if we as Christians are being salt and light. We should not be a nation at risk of losing her freedom and denying God if in fact we are truly the people who the bible says that we are. Christ in us is the hope for the world. Let us relies that into our wold. Remember together we can turn this ting around.

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