Chosen Generation for Monday: Spiritual Warfare is real, The left continues to deceive and Military Religious freedom still attacked

Dear Friends,

It is Monday and that means it is time to discuss Spiritual Freedom and Religious Freedom. The very first segment of the program will deal with the battle that we are in from a spiritual perspective. Ken Thornberg from Freedom Encounters will join me to talk about the spiritual wickedness that has taken over our nation. How does the church fight against this political correctness tendency? Is there an enemy that is beyond what we see and how and when should we engage in that battle? The bible clearly says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. Listen in and think about this, if the spiritual battle were not real, or not important, then why was that the first battle that Jesus entered into when He started his public ministry? Remember after He is baptized by John the Baptist, He goes out into the wilderness for forty days and forty nights. Who does He encounter? Who does He do battle with? Is this a real battle or mythology? What does His encounter in the wilderness tell us about the battle we are in and the reality of the enemy? I think it establishes that there is a real enemy to our souls. I think that it tells us that we also should be engaged in this battle. Christ in us is the answer. He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Doesn’t that sound like the writer is aware then that there is in fact something else in the world? And does it not further imply that you and I are likely to encounter this other force and have need to battle it? Thank God He has trampled over our enemies and sent His Son so we can be victorious. How does this apply to the struggle we are in here in America? It is this exact struggle that we are in today, a battle between good and evil, the devil and his crew are wreaking havoc on the world and that is what is behind the evil in our current government regime. Join me as Ken and I discuss this important issue.

Following Ken I will have a short time for some commentary. There is a constant stream of attacks against our rights. Now the chorus is being joined by those who are supposed to hold to the same ideals we do.

Recently Greg Abbot made a campaign stop and was accompanied by Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent was a rock roll star in an age when there were a lot of behaviors that do not line up with the bible. What I remember about him growing up was his anti drug and anti alcohol stance. What I appreciate about him now is his strong stance for the second amendment. There is no doubt that he has a sorted past and there have been numerous accusations about relationships with under age girls. But the attack against Greg Abbot for having him on the campaign, while masked in these moral issues is a real attack on him for his support of the second amendment. Lets examine this for a minute. This group attacking for Ted “pedophilia” is the same group that has been forcing homosexual marriage at us, has been lobbying to get pedophilia classified as normal and thinks abortion is the best means for birth control. Oh and by the way their version of pedophilia is man boy love, their organization of choice is the National Man Boy Love Association and they are working diligently to remove the age of consent arguing that children are well capable of making decisions about their sexual preferences and consent. Does it really sound like they have any problems with under age sex? These are totally perverted people who are simply trying to turn Christians against a candidate like Greg Abbot and to use our moral compass to divide and conquer us on the real issue. Ted Nugent scares them because he has an avid following of hunters and gun enthusiasts. Ted Nugent like Phil Robertson is a threat to their anti American, anti constitutional, bibliophobic, heterophobic Communist agenda. And it is not Phil or Ted that they are really after. Now let me say I do not see Phil Robertson as representing the same values as Ted Nugent at this time but remember that Phil also was quite the hell raiser as a youth and now he is a very strong Christian. Both of these men represent what the left both fears and loathes and what they must destroy as images of good in the minds of Americans. They are gun owners, hunters and avid supporters of both the first and second amendments. The left has to paint all gun owners as extreme lunatics capable of mass murder. Dangerous individuals with extremely dangerous ideas about those who they disagree with. A threat to society, who must be first disarmed and then exterminated for the betterment of society as a whole. Ted Nugent called Obama a subhuman mongrel. Well if you listen to Rev James David Manning you would certainly have heard the mongrel statement. Lets define the issue of race as the liberals have defined it. They see different races based on the color of the pigmentation of skin. Obama according to the definition of mongrel, using the technical truth as these same liberals have defined race, Obama is a mixed race. Here is the definition of mongrel ; an individual resulting from the interbreeding of diverse breeds or strains; especially : one of unknown ancestry. Well since we do not have a valid birth certificate and since the only witness to the production of his birth was the only person to die in a plane crash, well, if the shoe fits…Now as to subhuman, here is that definition; not having or showing the level of kindness,intelligence, etc., that is expected of normal human beings.
Well is the support of a lifestyle incapable of reproduction, that shortens the life span of its participants and that is not considered normal by any historical standard or by God intelligent? How about the ardent support of the murder of the innocents? Abortion, Christians around the world being slaughtered using funds and weapons provided by this President? His continued attacks on anyone who dares to oppose his regime. Are these the actions of a normal human being? A kind and intelligent human being? I don’t think so. Again if the shoe fits..
One other thing, here is a man who is supposed to be representing the black race, and let me say that I personally believe we are all of the race of Adam, it should be alarming that in a recent study from 2012 in New York City more black babies were killed through abortion (31,328) than were born (24,758). He has mandated that every person and business in America fund on demand abortions and make this more accessible to minorities and the poor. He is killing them! I think that in light of these facts subhuman is stating it in a kind way. Evil and wicked is what this is and we must call it out.

So I say this to make this point, in another recent article Rick Perry came out and condemned Ted Nugent for his statement saying that it was an inappropriate thing to say. I respect Governor Perry’s right to free speech, but based on the evidence laid out is Ted’s statement really as far out as the left would have you believe? My greatest concern in the Governors statement is that this lends itself to the mind set of so many on the right who have really drifted to the center. We do not need anymore centrist candidates. The level of evil that we are battling at this time is for many on the right just nearly impossible to comprehend and that is the problem. There is a sense that there has to be a place at which we can agree upon. The problem is that the left has gone so far and the evil that they are pursuing is so deeply imbedded in their ideology that there is no longer a place of compromise at their table.

In closing this section of my letter to you, let me take us back to Jesus and His encounter with Satan. Lets take a look at Matthew 4;
8Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; 9And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. 10Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. 11Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

What was Jesus goal? To redeem the world right? Here is Satan at the negotiating table, saying hey I get it I know what you want. So here is the deal, you bow down and say I am the boss and I will give you exactly what you want. This is what you want right? Jesus being politically correct could have made the sacrifice, the cross would have been unnecessary, the disciples would not have had to die, Christians would not be persecuted…..Does this sound at all familiar? Jesus tells the devil NO! He tells him to leave and He does not even attempt a counter offer or other means of negotiating. You can not negotiate with the devil and you can not negotiate with his servants.

When you go to the polls ask yourself this question before you vote. Is the candidate I am voting for going to try to negotiate with these devils, go with an open mind, try to find common ground and give a little to get a little? If that is what you are voting for, well just shoot me now. Or will you vote for a candidate that realizes you can not negotiate with the devil and will fight to bring our majority in line with the kind of righteous thinking that has made this state and nation a light upon a hill and a beacon of hope? I pray you choose the latter.

On the second half of the program I will be joined by Michael Berry from Liberty Institute as we discuss the case of Sergeant Monk. Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk was awarded the Meritorious Serivce Medal on February 12, 2014. Remember that Sergeant Monk was relieved of his duties by his commanding officer, a practicing lesbian, because he did not agree with her and held to a biblical standard for marriage. Michael will share with us how this came about and also how this should encourage other military personnel to continue to stand strong in their faith.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know it was a bit lengthy but it is so important that we understand what is really going on and how we can make a difference. I am restating my closing paragraph from Friday. I have prayed much about the issue of support and if you do not know the need you can not respond, so I will continue to inform. Thank you for your prayers.

At Chosen Generation my goal is to see more of what the MSM calls alternative life styles. To see more people living out what God intended. I am taking a step of faith and launching a second hour in March on KERV. I will also be meeting with KSLR to see what arrangements I can make. If you feel that the direction this nation is headed is wrong. If you feel that Texas is in a battle and if you believe as I do that the only solution is to turn this nation back to God and back to the bible and back to the principals of our constitution and what made this nation great, then please consider becoming a regular supporter. At present I have $2420 per month in funds committed. $670 a month in personal donations and $1750 a month in Sponsorships. I need to raise another $1500 to meet current expenses with the additional hour on KERV. I will need an additional $2500 to meet the San Antonio KSLR opportunity. That may sound like a lot, but I do not think anything is impossible for God and for His people. Additional hours means additional opportunities to let people know what is really going on, expose the agenda both nationally and here in Texas and to launch more people into the fight. Please consider asking your church to make a contribution. Ask your favorite business if they believe in biblical values and the fight to maintain our freedom? Ask them if they would support a program that believes the same? Ask them if they want to have customers that are loyal to those same ideals? And ask them to put their advertising dollars into a program that is good for them and the community. Thank you for your support and prayers. You can donate on line at Remember together we can turn this thing around!

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