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One of my goals with the Chosen Generation Radio show is to keep my listeners informed by bringing on guest who have their fingers on the pulse of what is going on. I am always looking for ways to improve the show and segments that will give us the information that is so vital to taking the right actions. That is why starting with this show we are going to get a weekly update on what is happening to our religious liberties from one of the leading advocacy law firms battling for our freedoms. Liberty Institute began 40 years ago as a small advocacy group and has grown into an influential non profit law firm having taken on cases like the Mojave Desert Cross case, defending a High School valedictorian who was told by a federal judge she could not pray in her high school graduation speech, the Sgt. Monk case and the Craig James case. This will be an important beginning to our week and will be a great addition to the program. With this addition to our programming Monday will bring us an update on religious liberty issues, Wednesday will continue to address cultural and media issues in the BC Zone with Dan Gainor of Media Research Center and Friday we have two special segments, first Don Jans brings us a look behind the curtain, exposing the marxist agenda right here within the United States and then to close out our week I am joined by Jennifer LeClaire, News Editor of Charisma magazine for our Dose of the Ghost segment. Together, we confront cultural challenges impacting the church and society at large, from church scandals to pro-life battles to the erosion of First Amendment rights and beyond. Every episode offers prophetic insight into the issues at hand, equips listeners to respond, emphasizing the Spiritual condition of the nation and offers the only real solution, hope in Christ. Additionally, we always have great guests throughout the week. This weeks highlights include an interview with Karen Harris who is running for the 53rd District seat in the Texas House of Representatives, Chuck Baldwin rejoins me, Cynthia Farahat will be on Thursday to discuss breaking news happening in Egypt and the seriousness of international criminal charges that have been brought against resident Obama.

On the first half of todays program I will be joined by Michael Berry of Liberty Institute to discuss the incessant attack on religious liberty in the military specifically again the Christians. Michael Berry, Esq., joined Liberty Institute in 2013 after serving for seven years as an attorney with the U.S. Marine Corps. From 2009 until 2013, Mr. Berry served as an Appellate Defense Attorney in which he argued numerous cases before various federal appeals courts and traveled across the country to teach appellate advocacy to junior attorneys. He was also invited to serve as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the United States Naval Academy.

In 2008, Mr. Berry was selected for a high-profile combat deployment to Afghanistan, where he served as a subject-matter expert on complex legal matters of multi-national significance.

Berry earned his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in 1999. He attended law school at The Ohio State University, graduating in 2005. During law school, he served as president of the Ohio State student chapter of the Christian Legal Society. He is also a Blackstone Fellow, Class of 2003.
Berry is admitted to practice law in the State of Michigan, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals.
On the second half of the program I will be joined by Michael Ramey form HSLDA and Parental Michael will be giving us an update on the Convention on the Rights of Children with Disabilities. While the title sounds good and the other side seems to have a convincing argument at face value a closer look shows the dangers of this treaty and its attack on American Sovereignty and parental rights. This may sound over the top, but the first thing that a totalitarian government dose is marginalize those it deems to be a burden on society. This treaty is the first step in doing just that by taking the care giver responsibility away form the parents and allowing the international community to decide what is in the best interest of the child. For more information on this subject click on this link.
Thank you again for tuning in. I still have been presented the opportunity to get on KSLR 630 AM in San Antonio and with for financial support that can happen. If you feel led please consider making a donation. Remember that yo have three ways to listen to the program on your radio at 1230 AM, on the internet through the link listen live link on my web site (
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