Chosen Generation for Thursday What would you do if your son was falsely accused? Why are we being lied to about Benghazi?

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On todays show in first half, what would you do if your son were facing life in prison for a crime he did not commit? What if everyone around you is convinced he is going to jail? Jackie Carpenter faced that reality as her son Jason was accused of murder. Jason owned a construction company and his development was being targeted for its copper. Each incident cost him $3 to $5,000 in damage. After contacting the local Sheriff’s Department and being advised how to handle the situation he did exactly what he was told. Unfortunately the Deputy did not do his part and a loss of life occurred. What happened next defies all logic. Join us as Jackie shares her story and tells us how their film Stand Your Ground is set to change lives.

On the second half of the program I will be joined by one of my favorite guests. Brigitte Gabrielle, author of They Must Be Stopped, and a leading expert on our nations security risks associated with the muslim threat and the middle east joins me for an update. What does the NY Times report on Benghazi tell us about the attempts to cover up the truth? How is the unrest in the Middle East threatening us? Why is the media suddenly ignoring Iran and the North Korean nuclear connection? Is there anyone in Washington DC with their eye on the ball? Brigitte joins me to address these questions and more.

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