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On todays program in the first half hour I will be joined by Will Estrada, Director of Federal Relations for HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) and Parental In a recent letter from Parental they shared the following: “Protecting children by empowering parents” is more than just our motto; it is our passion. We feel very strongly that parents have the right to make decisions for their children because children are better off when their parents, not the government, provide the needed adult guidance and supervision. The federal government clearly does not share this view. The evidence of the federal anti-parent animus is revealed by watching the United States federal government attack parental choice in education.

The Attorney General argued that parental rights in education were not a fundamental human right in the Romeike asylum case, and now they are at it again – this time in Louisiana.

Louisiana parents want their children to receive a quality education. In fact, everyone in America will pay homage to this idea in their rhetoric, from the educational elites who run teachers unions to the most private of home schooling families. We all want to see the next generation receive a solid education, and no one wants this more than parents.

That’s why Louisiana launched a state program, piloted in New Orleans in 2008 and now involving about 8,000 students statewide, to offer private school vouchers in certain circumstances: the family’s income must be below 250% of the poverty line, and the local public school must have received a grade of C or below in its state accreditation review. This allows low-income students to escape the failing public schools of the most impoverished regions of the state.

(A study released on September 12 by Broader, Bolder Approach to Education (BBA) claims that poverty is a major hindrance to student performance. The administration’s Race to the Top education program is failing, according to the report, because it doesn’t address, or even consider, the poverty issue. The federal government pushes states into the controversial and untested Common Core program while children in poverty still struggle to learn in failing public schools.)

Louisiana’s political leaders are doing something effective to help low-income students without any federal funding in this voucher program. So how does the federal government respond? The United States Justice Department filed suit on August 22 in federal district court to halt the program. Why? The DOJ claims the Louisiana program “frustrates and impedes the desegregation process” in the public schools.

Under a 1975 federal desegregation ruling, counties must get federal court approval before making any changes that can hinder integration. At least 22 of the 34 counties receiving voucher assistance this year (roughly 600 voucher-receiving students) are still under that court order, and would be affected by the DOJ’s suit. According to the DOJ’s petition, the law’s provision for minority students to leave failing schools decreases the minority representation in those schools – causing integration efforts to take a statistical step backwards.

The state points out that the voucher program helps minorities by allowing more of them to escape the failing schools; roughly 90% of voucher recipients are African-American. And the impact on the racial make-up of the public schools is minimal – a shift of less than 1%. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush suggest that the DOJ’s opposition may be fueled by its political partnership with teachers unions, not a concern for students. Blocking the Louisiana law forces low-income, predominantly African-American students back into the public schools that fund the unions.

Similar voucher programs have proven successful in other U.S. locations, including Washington, D.C. The DOJ’s suit attacks a successful attempt to empower parents and provide a solid education for students.

It is clear. The United States government cares about protecting the turf of its political allies rather than doing what’s best for children. Parental choice in education is clearly good for the children in Louisiana but that factor is not determinative to our highly politicized Justice Department.
This issue is a continued attempt by the government to intrude upon any efforts by parents or others to stop the nationalization of our school systems and the systematic mind manipulation of our children.
In the second half hour I will be joined by Brandon Darby. Brandon was involved in helping to stop the planned domestic terrorist attacks at the Republican National Convention in Florida. Brandon’s transition from Liberal Radical to New Media watchdog is documented in “Informant” which tops the Documentary chart at Itunes.
Brandon will also be appearing at the Oak Initiative meeting Thursday night September 26th at 6 PM at Friendship Bible Church 1610 Sidney Baker Street. This will be a night you won’t want to miss. Parking is available across the entire front of the building and on either side. Over flow parking will be at the Junior High or Ricks furniture.
Thank you for tuning in!!

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