Chosen Generation for Tuesday with Pastor Greg, Veterans under attack, Parental Rights assaulted

Dear Friends,

Only one day a way from the launch of two hours of Chosen Generation. The excitement is building and I am looking forward to expanding my guests and our reach. Please continue to keep me in your prayers and please consider the role you can play in advancing the effort. Your contribution helps keep Chosen Generation on the air.

On Tuesday I will be joined by Darin Selnik from Concerned Veterans of America with a breaking story on the destruction of Military Veterans Medical Records. This act of destruction may in fact be illegal and this story just broke on the 27th of February. What is the motivation? Is there evidence in these files that shows medical experiments to these service members that the government needs to destroy? What about on going care? Medical history for the sake of maintaining long term care integrity? Join us as we discuss this.

On the second half of the program I am joined by Will Estrada to discuss the Romeike case and give us an update on the Supreme Court decision on whether to hear the case or not. The recent case involving Justina Pelletier is a perfect example of why a Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution is so important. If the Pelletier’s were protected by this Constitutional amendment then neither the hospital or the Children’s Department or the State of Massachusetts could have taken her from them. The reality now is that any judge can rule in an Ex Parte hearing involving Child Protective Services or a medical practitioner or School representative to have your child removed if they “believe” it is in the best interest of the child. This can involve disputes on church attendance, beliefs on marriage equality, medical conditions, religious persecution or in an extreme case the child expressing that the rules at home are too strict. Please consider going to and encouraging your representative to support this amendment.

On the program today I was joined by Dan Patrick who is running for Lt. Governor. Dan spoke a great deal about the need to maintain Christian principles in our State and to stop Federal encroachment.
Here is a link to that interview:

Please be sure to vote tomorrow as your vote does count. Below are links to several voter guides. Please feel free to use these guides. We have several very important decisions to make. Please consider your votes for our congressional district and for our Senator. We need true conservatives, not posers. In the Senate we need a Senator that will stand with Ted Cruz not work against him. In the House we need a representative who knows what NDAA is and that it violates our rights.

Thank you for tuning in and thank you for your support. I will need some help to cover this months expenses and I am believing that God will lead me to the right people and the right people will be led to me. God bless you and remember together we can turn this thing around.

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