Chosen Generation for Wednesday Dan Gainor joins Pastor Greg for the BC Zone

Dear Friends,

I hope you had an opportunity to listen into todays program. Reverend Manning raised some real concerns regarding the death of Miriam Carey and Michael Connelly discussed the continued constitutional abuses of the President. While the first story is truly unbelievable, if in fact it were to be proven that this woman was at the White House because of the child that was in the back seat of her car. The Impeachment articles and the absolute abuses of power discussed in the second half hour truly should make every American ready to rise up and take back our government. Tyrants believe they can act with impunity and these two half hours directly address this issue. Many have forgotten how this resident appointed czars in his first term who continue to wield authority that is only under the authority of the resident. The Auto industry has been destroyed as the government has shipped jobs out of the country. Our civilian and military personnel are tortured, murdered and taken hostage in countries around the globe and this resident goes and plays golf. Christians are slaughtered daily and the United States is funding the genocide of believers in Syria and Egypt just to name two. Rendering aid to the enemy is punishable by death in a war situation and we are at war in the middle east. These are not my words this is the punishment called for by high treason. We must rise up and elect Godly men and women. Biblically sound individuals who will not sell their loyalties to a party or special interest group but will give their allegiance to God. The founding fathers gave allegiance to God, Country and family. In listening to David Barton this week I was reminded that our first responsibility is to God who gives us gifts and talents. Those talents must be used to secure a nation, for if the nation fails then the safety of the family becomes impossible to sustain. We must join in consecrated prayer for this nation. That those who are choosing to walk in darkness will be exposed to the light. That if they will not turn to the light and treat the people whom they serve with Godly biblical justice then let the judgment of God the evening of the scales be weighed against them and let then be removed. I pray that America does not need to come to the place where God must raise up a Babylon to punish her for her arrogance and blatant apostasy. I pray that the body of Christ will be who they are called to be and will step into the leadership positions that a righteous nations demands and a Holy God requires.

On my Wednesday show Dan Gainor of Media Research Center joins me as we go into the BC Zone, where PC gets the flush. On the show we will look at the implications of the supreme courts decision not to take up the Liberty University case. We will look at the medias continued refusal to identify the moral depravity of this nation through the policies that embrace every abhorrent behavior known to man, from the slaughter of infants, to the murder of the elderly to the advancement of sodomy, pedophilia and homosexuality.

In the second half of the program I will be joined by James Williamson for the Not In My Town segment. As always James will bring his unique blend of passion and intellect to the headlines and to the lefts insistence on destroying our nation.

Once again I do not feel that I can over state the impact of my visit to San Antonio and listening to David Barton and the other speakers as it became even more clear to me the need to get Chosen Generation on KSLR in San Antonio with this message. I can not adequately share the sense of urgency that was present in that room. As San Antonio goes so goes Texas. My daughter said something on the show from November 22nd that still brings clarity to why I do this. After listening to Don Jans pulling back the curtain segment, my 14 year old said, “Daddy if the parents and grandparents, your generation don’t do something there will not be an America for me to do anything in.” If not I then who, if not now then when. Remember together we can turn this thing around. I need your support, please help me to spread the word and help activate the body of the Christ. Remember together we can turn this thing around.

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