Chosen Generation for Wednesday in the BC Zone with Pastor Greg and Dan Gainor

Dear Friends,

Thank you for tuning and for your prayers and support. It is Wednesday and that mean it is time to enter the BC Zone with my friend Dan Gainor of Media Research Center. On the program today we will look at the new budget deal. The left seems outraged at cutting unemployment extensions but has no concern for the retirement benefits being taken from our veterans. Military retirees will see their pay cut as the administration continues to punish the military. This aligns with Obama’s upbringing that taught how America was an unjust bully and violated hman rights around the world. This was the reason he made a round the world trip right after his election in 2008 to ask forgiveness of the world for the atrocities of America. Since in their view it was the military that carried out these atrocities the actions taken against the veterans during the shut down and these economic sanctions should not surprise us.

Joel Osteen says the church should shun involvement in politics. Have we moved so far that we think morality has no place in the public? Does inclusive give new meaning to tolerance?

The race war waged by the left has taken a new turn, now it seems we can no longer consider Santa white. I wonder when he will be applauded for having forbidden relationships with the elves? Surely a heterosexual Santa must be next on the hit list.

And finally John McCain goes half way around the world to protest in the Ukraine in support of the ouster of yet another government. Revolution seems to be the foreign policy of this administration. I wonder if when he gets out will he opt for a revolution here in America to stay in power?

On the second half of the program I will be joined by James Williamson for another segment of Not in My Town. James will bring his unique commentary and insight. You don’t want to miss it.

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