Chosen Generation for Wednesday Rafael Cruz, Scottie Nell Hughes, Dan Gainor with Pastor Greg

Dear Friends,

On Wednesdays show I will be joined in the first segment by Rafael Cruz. Rafael has been burning up the road and the air, traveling across America and our great state. He is carrying a message to Pastor’s that they have a mandate from God to engage in this battle. The only way that America is saved is if Christians rise up and accept the challenge to be the salt and the light.

Link to show here:

In the second segment I will be joined by Scottie Nell Hughes from TPNN. What is the impact of the decision by Eric Holder to resign as Attorney General? Will he become a Supreme Court Justice as a reward for his diabolical behavior? Could he be safe from prosecution as a Justice? Also, Derek Hunter has written an article for Townhall attacking the right of center conservatives, however recent articles indicate that it is the moderate Republicans that are preparing to vote for the Democrats. When will the establishment deal with it’s own issues and stop attacking principled candidates?

In the third segment I will be joined by my friend Dan Gainor for the BC Zone, where PC gets the flush. Dan will give us his review of this years MRC Gala and Dishonor Awards. From the Eleanor Clift quote to the honor bestowed on Mark Levin. Also, breaking news on Fast and Furious ignored by the main stream media. Will the first reported case of Ebola in the United States force the media to really cover the administrations handling of the border? Is there an issue with the Secret Service or is there some other reason for the sudden lapse in an organization with such a strong history? Rosie O’ Donnell says the penalization of the Muslim for praying could cause a war? What does the beheading of an American in Oklahoma cause? By the way the player was penalized within the rules for sliding on his knees. The penalty was not for praying. The apology was for political correctness. If he had been a Christian you can be sure there would be no apology. Finally, the Obama United Nations speech should have sounded like the Netanyahu speech, but instead was a call to defeat global climate warming. When will this Muslim start honoring his oath? Oh yeah he is a Muslim. Never mind.

Here is the link to the show:

In the final segment I will be joined by James Williamson for his News and Views segment. Each week the stack of articles that are truly unbelievable just grows and grows. Tune in to see what nuggets James has found for us this week.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. I will have the prayer community up by the middle of the month. I will have a link at my site. I will also have an update on the prayer call. There is also an opportunity to be involved with a Pastor in Kenya that I have known for nearly ten years. I will have an update on this in my email next week. God bless you!!

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