Chosen Generation for Wednesday with Pastor Greg and Dan Gainor in the BC Zone

On Wednesday’s program it is time to enter into the BC Zone and flush PC down the toilet. My co host for the BC Zone is Dan Gainor of Media Research center. Each week we look at some of the more outlandish Lame Stream Media stories and the continued media bias. On this program here are some of the stories:

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir compares Ted Cruz to Branch Davidian Leader David Koresh on Oct 16th as he calls him delusional and accuses him of burning down the country. So I guess it would be fair to compare Barak Obama to Kermit Goesnell for his continued funding of the genocide of Christians in Syria and Egypt? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as Josef Mengele for their instance on the Affordable Care Act that funds abortion and creates death panels?

Federal over reach attacks Texas again. Judge Lee Yeakel has declared that the abortion law in Texas inhibits an abortion doctor from doing what they deem best for their patients and would limit access to abortion. So I guess the Judge feels that all surgical centers are to stringently regulated. If one surgical procedure does not require certain medical precautions then they all should not require those precautions. Two issues here, federal over reach and rewriting the requirements for surgical centers in a non discriminatory way.

2010 Obamcare guidelines state that 40 to 67% of individual policies would have to terminate. Lets see lying to the American people, Nixon is resigns, Bush Senior is run out of town remember read my lips? But on the democratic side, Bill Clinton never touched her, Al Gore the world is ending due to climate change and now Obama they are all just spreading fear nobody is gonna lose their coverage.

How do they continue to get away with it. Conservatives are Sociopaths, haters, racists, need psychiatric care and hate Obamacare more than they love America. The name calling is relentless. When does it require us to take of the gloves?

Tea Party versus the GOP establishment. How the media continues to use the two against each other and paints democrats as the good guys. Are we there yet?

On the second half of the program we will hear from James Williamson, Not in My Town, also I will be calling Judge Yeakel’s office to register my concerns. Steve Lehman will also join us. Should be an interesting half hour. Be sure to tune in.

If you missed Tuesday’s show be sure to listen to it on the site, Cynthia Farahat joined me with commentary on Egypt and we discussed a real lfe threat to American security both here and abroad, with the upcoming trial of Morsi in Egypt on November 4th the Brotherhood has threatened US assets with retaliation unless Obama helps his brotherhood. Are we looking at another Benghazi? Are we prepared? You only get the scoop here on Chosen Generation. Also there was an interview with Jenn Gotzon who is co starring with John Schneider in a film premiering in San Antonio on November 1st entitled Doonby. It is It’s a Wonderful Life meets the Twilight Zone. Provocative and thought provoking, this films ending will shock you.

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