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It is Wednesday and that means it is time to enter the BC Zone with my friend Dan Gainor from Media Research Center where PC gets the flush. On the program today we will discuss three recent interactions between leaders of the liberal left and right leaning to centrist leaning individuals. First we will touch on the recent debate between Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’souza. How has secular academia been manipulated to consider anyone on the right as radical and a terrorist as main stream? How can a man who is a convicted terrorist bomber who has most recently been quoted as saying he wished he had done more bombings attack the very nation whose laws allow him to live, when in many nations his actions would certainly have given him the death penalty?

Then there was the pre super bowl interview between Bill O’Reilly and the Resident Barak Hussein Obama. Once again Bill O’Reilly shows his true colors, attacking the “right wingers”, the same ones who made his show and put all that money in his pocket. Do I begrudge his success? NO. I am disgusted that he has proven to be nothing more than a panderer. Obama has declared war on the constitution. He has declared war on the family. He has declared war on the unborn. He has declared war on the Christians in the military and the veterans. He has declared war on Christianity here and around the world. “Heart in the right place” can only relate to the physical location, because if heart means a place of intent and conscience then Obama has only pure evil going on.

Finally there is the debate tonight between Ken Hamm of Answers in Genesis and Bill Nye, known as Bill Nye the Science Guy. How will Bill convince us that those who hold to a creationist biblical worldview are somehow retarded and that science proves evolution as an undisputed fact? If you have listened to the program yo know I have had Dr Georgia Purdom a leading Macro biologist on the program to discuss the merits of creation as evidenced in the Macro Biology field. Here are two links you might find very informative:

Tonights debate will focus on this question, “Is creation a viable model of origin in today’s modern scientific era? We will discuss in brief this debate and how it might effect the next generation.

As always Dan and I reserve the right to take our conversation in just about any direction depending on the news of the day and that is what makes these segments interesting and informative. So be sure to tune in.

On the second half I will be joined by James Williamson for his Not in My Town segment. As usual James will bring his unique commentary to bear on todays headlines.

If you missed todays show I would like to encourage you to check it out here:

Gregory R Seibert, CPA joined me on the program today fresh off of a grueling class which gave him the updates on the current tax year and what you need to know. The tax code has become more complicated and whether you are a senior, self employed, high income earner or medium income earner, you owe it to yourself to be informed. As they say, two things are certain, death and taxes. Jesus has you covered on the first, don’t get burned on the second.

I want to thank you for your prayers and support. As I shared on Monday I am now going to be going to a two hour format beginning on March the 4th. The program will air from 9 to 11 AM CST. If every person on this list were to begin giving just $50 a month, $1.64 a day, to the ministry we would be able to take advantage of these great opportunities. KSLR 630 AM is still holding a spot for us. You can be a part of this by paying (pun intended) a visit to the web site and by clicking on the donate button. There are simple instructions you can use to set up a monthly contribution and it is safe and secure through the Paypal system. Thank you for partnering with me as together we are making a difference and we can turn this thing around. Thank you again for tuning in and I encourage you to visit the site and check out the previous programs. There are some great guests represented there and I believe that the content will be a blessing to you. Thank you to those who continue to give and support through prayers, words and finances. Remember you can listen on 1230AM KERV at 10 AM CST or on line at or at your convenience at God bless you, God bless Texas and God bless America!

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