Chosen Generation Radio 9/11 Weekend in Review

Chosen Generation Radio 9/11 weekend in review from Washington D.C.

September 10 at 9:34am FRC is challenging Pastors to engage in culture. Randy Wilson joins Pastor Greg.

September 10 at 10:08am
#RespectOurVote why is it that the Rino’s and the left don’t respect the values voter except when they don’t get their way? When the Republicans lose its our fault but when we are listening and looking for a candidate we don’t count. Matt Barber Barbwire joins Pastor Greg.

September 10 at 11:19am
#VVS 2016 Becca Keating Impact Your World, American Heritage Girls founder Patty Gariby.

September 11 at 8:01am
#HOPEFORAMERICA #NEVERFORGET #911LivesMatter #OneGiftChuch #UseYourGifts

Chosen Generation Radio Show shared Greg Young’s live video. 22 hours ago.

Latest Episode broadcast
#VVS2016 Dr Anthony Harper InterMountain Christian News Editor .

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