#ChristianGenocide Lt Col (ret) Sargis Sangari joined Pastor Greg to discuss Assyrian Christians

One of the least covered issues in our media is the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. From Iraq to Syria to Libya, Christians are being slaughtered and genocide is occurring and NO ONE is stepping in to help. The US Govt under the Obama regime has refused to provide aid, the Peshmerga left for self preservation and the regional leadership is too concerned about their own survival. On top of that the refugee camps if you want to call them that are filled with anti Christian sentiment. In fact on the program the Colonel describes how at one camp the supposed protectors actually throw scorpions into the detention area where the Christians are kept to see how many children will be stung!

Lt Colonel (Ret) Sargis Sangari, (http://nec-se.com/about/ceo-biography/), of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement, joined Pastor Greg to reveal the truth about what is happening on the ground and the meed for indigenous Assyrian Christians to be equipped and trained to fight for themselves. He also discussed the disjointed efforts that are under way and the meed to unify the opposition forces to ISIS. He also share how the apathetic faith of Christians is creating a ripe recruiting ground for the passionate pleas of ISIS and Islamic extremism. Listen Here:


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