Christianity under siege in Houston Texas, DOJ experiences radical transformation, Ebola, Common Core, Government Insanity, Evil begets evil

Dear Friends,

I am so amped, tweaked, twisted, perturbed, angry and boiling, over the news I just read about Houston. Remember that I have been saying for three years that Pastors here in Texas were going to have their free speech taken away and that the homosexual agenda would be the method used to do it? Houston Mayor Alise Parker the lesbian mayor of Houston who pushed through the most aggressive Non Discrimination Discrimination Order in the nation, has just sent subpoenas to Pastors demanding that they turn over their sermon notes for inspection by the City of Houston to see what they are saying about homosexuality. If they refuse they will be held in contempt of court. If their notes violate the City ordinance by not speaking in support of gay marriage then they will be fined $500 per day until they come into compliance. Now you may say this is not legal, this can not happen, but you would be WRONG! It is happening and at this point it is the law in the City of Houston. Remember that the courts have already ruled against bakers, photographers, event centers and dress makers. While these folks were under attack Pastors sat by silently, saying it did not involve them, they were called to spiritual things and they did not want to offend anyone. Well I am waiting for the apology for being ostracized for saying that what is happening would happen. It will doubtless not come. I am also once again asking for support for this effort to fight against this evil. Every tithe dollar that goes to a ministry that is not engaged in the fight is bearing no fruit. Thinking for one minute that Houston is alone in this, would be a catastrophic mistake. This is going to strike at Texas over the next months throughout the state. The Lieutenant Governor debate showed you just how prevalent this issue is. We must fight back and I need your support to do that. There must be a voice on radio in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas that is willing to stand against this. Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values will join me at 9 AM to discus this issue.

Now on to more happy news. (Note sarcasm) The United States Supreme Court while abandoning their constitutional responsibilities to settle the same sex issue early last week, has decided to take on the Texas Law regarding abortion. This is probably not good news. The current court make up seems to lean left on issues of morality. Their ruling suspends the law passed in Texas on several key fronts.

You can check out the shows from Monday with Michael Connelly of USJF on Voter ID, ISIS threats against military families and the Obama policies that are fueling this, Greg Pirkl from Kerrville Health food store and Steve Williams Supersoil booster on soil health and the effects of GMO’s, Bill Federer, True History of Columbus and Jeremy Dys of Liberty Institute on students rights to express their religious liberties at their schools. Here and Here

On todays program I was joined by Pastor Naaman Kiptoo of El Doret Kenya. Islam is attracting massive amounts of people in Kenya through the use of food and false promises. Due to the Arid areas around El Doret many are suffering and when the Muslims show up they offer food on the condition that the people convert to Islam. This is breeding slavery into the people as they are then taken away for indoctrination and must stay Muslim or die. Then they are returning to the village demanding that everyone convert or die.

In response Pastor Kiptoo and I are raising funds to be able to feed the street families of El Doret and the surrounding villages so that they can freely choose the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please help us to save the people of Kenya from this horrid fate by donating to our food drive.

In the second half of the program I was joined by DOJ whistle blower J. Christian Adams. The DOJ has been fundamentally transformed under Eric Holder and Christian shared how Voter ID is just a smoke screen for a much bigger problem. Voter ID is designed to get the minorities to the polls by convincing them that the big bad conservatives are trying to take away their right to vote. The real evil though is in the ideologies that the new hires at the DOJ hold to. These individuals are permanent hires who will be shaping our legal system for the next twenty years and nothing is being done to stop the hiring of these extreme radicals. I also have some commentary regarding information given to me right as I was going on air regarding our troops in the Ebola plagued countries. It was shared with me that our troops on the ground have contracted Ebola. There are two confirmed cases and another 48 that are in quarantine. Main stream media is not reporting and perhaps does not even have this information. Obama attempted to reduce the size of our forces through cuts and wanted to send them to their deaths in Syria fighting in between Syrian Freedom fighters and Assad’s troops. That did not go through so now he has sent them unprepared to an even worse fate. He is a traitor and should be brought up on charges of treason. Listen here:

In the second hour I was joined by Twila Brase. Have you ever heard of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA)? Neither had I till this morning. Ebola is dangerous but this Act passed after 9-11 has given the government the power to create massive quarantine restrictions if they suspect that you might be carrying a communicable disease. They can literarily remove all your freedoms on unsubstantiated allegations of illness or possible illness when you are still asymptomatic. In addition to these startling revelations Twila discussed the real threat of Ebola and how confident we should or should not be in how this is being handled. Get your Ebola questions answered here:

After you get over the Ebola crisis be sure to stay tuned to hear Alice Linahan discuss the Common Core issues of the day including why you should opt your child out of PSAT’s and SAT’s. If common core gets ahold of our children for three consecutive years an education expert has testified that the damage will be irreversible due to how far behind our kids will be. This must awaken us.

On Wednesday’s show I will begin as mentioned above with Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values. This segment will be followed by Sam Smith of CEO of Medical Ministry International. Sam spent a number of years in Liberia and has lost several close friends to Ebola. He will discuss his views on the situation in the first half of our segment and then we will switch attention to an executive order signed by Obama that states that all federal contractors must show that their businesses support the homosexual agenda or cease receiving funding. This will include ministries that are associated with food banks and other community services that receive any form of federal aid.

In the third segment I will be joined by Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture at Media Research Center as we enter the BC Zone where PC gets the flush ans we examine how the media continues to under report and misreport the truth.

Wendy Davis has run a hit ad on Greg Abbott that attacks his disability, misrepresents facts and is probably one of the most tasteless ads I have ever seen. Yet the New York Times says Abbott may have brought this on himself. Imagine an Abbott ad that shows pictures of mutilated late term abortions, dead women and a picture of Gosnell, with a caption that reads, “Wendy Davis baby killer, women killer and friend of abortionists, is this really what women want?” I think she brought it on her self.

The media has seized on the voter ID debate to point out how evil voter ID laws are. The same people that are getting food stamps, welfare, alcohol, buying cars and renting apartments that all require an ID! Really?

They are preparing for riots in Ferguson. The media continues to push the racial unrest in Ferguson while ignoring ISIS threats here in America.

Alison Grimes proves that liberals do eat their own. Apparently she is not too proud of voting for Obama in 2008 and 2012, so she refused to answer the question in her Kentucky Senate debate with Mitch McConnell leading to a viral attack on MSNBC.

Finally from a media perspective the City of Houston sending subpoenas to get Pastors sermon notes is no where to be found in a search for ABC, CBS or NBC News. Instead ABC leads with the story of an Alabama pastor who slept with several women in his church while infected with AIDS. CBS has the Ohio man killed in a car crash on his wedding day. NBC leads with Perk Up, because Facebook and Apple are paying women to freeze their eggs.

As always Dan and I reserve the right to go wherever our conversation leads us.

In the final segment I will be joined by James Williamson for his News and Views.

I pray you had a good weekend. I had a productive weekend working with my web site people and have a number of things to share with you. First of all there are some new tabs at the site. I have added a tab entitled Books. Under this tab you will find books by guests on the program with a direct link to Amazon. By using these links you will also be supporting the ministry. Please be sure to use these links and if you have a suggestion please send a contact and I will add it. Also on the Books page you will be able to order the books by Don Jans, my regular guest on Fridays program. There are several options there and again this helps to support the ministry as well as Don and his efforts. Also, if you have an interest in Classic movies you will love my new sponsor Marengo Films These are true classics from Errol Flynn, John Wayne, Barbara Stanwyck, The Shadow, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Dick Tracy, Original Lone Ranger, the Little Princess and many more. All online purchases will bring a donation to support the radio program. The DVD’s are only $9.99 and shipping in the US is free. So go see what you might like for Christmas or to buy for a classic movie lover friend.

Thank you again for your prayers and support!!

In His service and for His purpose,

Pastor Greg

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