#clintonemails Former SO Army Ranger DIA says Clinton emails likely led to death of Americans with Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation

In the first segment Dan Perkins joined me to discuss the ISIS threat, Iran, Israel and the speech of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Will Iran really wait ten years to militarize their uranium? Under Al-Taqiyah the Jihadist justification for lying to infidels, is Iran really negotiating in good faith? Should we trust this administration after the debacle trade agreement with China?

In the second segment I was joined by Paul Janiczek, former aide to Ambassador John Bolton and Eric Brown, Texan Defense Group and retired Special Operations, Army Ranger, Defense Intelligence Agency. What are the real implications of the email breach? Paul worked in the State Department, so what is the vulnerability and what would Clinton have exposed? As Secretary of State how would her security breach endanger lives? Finally, I asked Eric, who was involved in operations with assets in theatre during the time that Clinton was Secretary of State, if he had lost assets and American personnel and if there were questions of potential breaches that were the only explanation for those losses? His answer should cause charges of high treason to be filed against Clinton and anyone who knew about what she was doing.

Listen to this explosive program here: https://app.box.com/s/e0dcidx31r1hrxet8a5j4on7b7m6too7

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