#CommunistThreat Don Jans #Election2016 @FNInsider #GunRights @Gunowner @LarryPratt #PrisonReform Steve Hawkins

#CommunistThreat Don Jans #Election2016 @FNInsider #GunRights @Gunowner @LarryPratt #PrisonReform Steve Hawkins #CommunistDanger

#CommunistThreat They call themselves progressives, but are they a threat right now? Don Jans exposes the threat. www.mygrandchildrensamerica.com

John Leboutillier FNInsider Election 2016. leboutillier.blogspot.com

Larry Pratt Gun Owners of America Gun control on the attack. Steve Hawkins Prison Reform. www.gunowners.org

Steve Hawskins joins pastor greg to discuss..The Coalition for Public Safety!! www.coalitionforpublicsafety.org

#CommunistDanger  Blow your old school thinking outta the water!! Order “ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialist and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” Movie by Trevor Louden today! DVD   Order the book here: The Enemies Within!

Noon EDT Today!

Audio Video: www.facebook.com/CHOSENGENERATIONRADIO

Audio Only:  www.spreaker.com/user/chosengenerationradio


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