Could we face a constitutional crisis in November? Michael Connelly USJF on @doseghostman Chosen Generation 9 AM CST Monday 020116

Monday marks the first live voting for the #2016PresidentialRace. The Iowa Caucus will kick things of and the stakes could not be higher. America is in peril and this could be the last opportunity for constitutional values to rise from the ash heap created by the current resident’s mantra, “I have a phone and a pen.” He is not alone, our constitution has been under attack for years and the relevance of it has been skewed by a liberal leaning education system. I predict that we will see a bit of a surprise in Iowa. While there are pollsters who believe that Iowa will be the start of a Trump march to the White House, I believe that inside circles that few are allowed in Trump and his advisors have another view. Some have said that Trump’s decision to skip the debate was Reaganesque. Michael Reagan has stated that Trumo is no Ronald Reagan . I would suggest that Trump may have relied too much on Reagans decision to skip the Iowa debate in 1980. He may have believed that in addition to his fight against FOX and possible questions borne of the National Review articles here and here he was saving himself a possibly embarrassing debate. These are conjectures that have been written or discussed. I have another thought on this and thus the “constitutional crisis” concern.

What if Donald Trump knows he is in trouble in Iowa? What if the 12, ooo Cruz volunteers on the ground with their laser sharp focus strategies are making the difference in a state where history shows that the personal touch is what matters and where the voter prides themselves in knowing the truth and ignoring the spin? Trump has branded himself a winner. Many of those following him have done so because all they know is “Trump wins”. If you read the history of Trump you will learn that the Trump magic is in fact “Trump himself”. While investors and workers have been the victims of his past bankruptcies, what emerged is the Trump image. In every case it is Trump who does the firing. So in an effort to thwart a possible catastrophe after Iowa Trump is positioning himself to fire American Media and anyone that is not on the Trump train. He is ready to say the game was fixed and to go independent. His desire to sell the Trump image and to come out on top will not allow him to go away quietly. Lets be clear I am not saying Trump is a bad man. He is a product of a culture that says as the late Al Davis would say, “Just win baby!”. In fact he is one of the apostles of that culture. He is also not a conservative. He is likely not a Christian either, since asking God for forgiveness of sin is the very first mandatory step. To have  been unable to say that when asked if he has ever asked God for forgiveness is a tell tale sign of a secular version of “I am a Christian”.

Before I get too far into the bushes let me lay out what I believe may be coming. Donald Trump loses Iowa in a big way. This leads to many “Trump is a winner” followers abandoning the train. Trump will continue to lose and then he will blame the establishment and the system for his demise. He will wait a short season and then declare to be an independent.

In the mean time, the meeting at the White House last week between Obama, Biden and Sanders  was I believe a strategy session in preparation for a Clinton inditement . This also leads to the possible emergence of a Bloomberg  run for President.

So here is my scenario, Trump jumps out and runs as an Independent, Bloomberg jumps in and runs as an independent, Clinton has to abandon her run and Biden gets the nomination from the Democrats and Cruz against all odds gets the Republican nomination. This creates a four candidate run in the fall and a potential Electoral tie or an electoral split. While the constitutional remedy for this seems clear, the potential for an extreme scenario is lining up.

Trump has managed so far to secure a very fired up group of Americans who are bound to his angry rhetoric and have attacked anyone who would dare speak against him. The Bloomberg anti gun faction has proven itself to be quite militant in their behavior and the Democrats have fully embraced the tactics of the LGBT gestapo, the abortionists, the Islamists and Black Lies Matter. All of these groups have participated in violence against those that oppose them and have advocated for the same.

In the event of this kind of extreme behavior could the current resident using the mantra “never let a good crisis go to waste” invoke a martial law which would suspend the election process while he “brokers a deal” for the transfer of power to the leader of one of these factions?

I am hopeful that Americans will see the light and that we can have a return to sanity similar to that we experienced with the Reagan years. My friend Dr Gerard Lameiro believes that America is poised to return to her place of greatness and I hope he is right. My friend Doug Giles has predicted that Hillary will not only be indicted but that the split Trump has created will pave the way for a Clinton victory in 2016. I hope he is wrong and I hope that I am wrong and that when Donald loses he just picks up his marbles and goes home. I am afraid though that this is not the pattern that he has shown and that Donald has spent too many years creating the “Trump” brand. He will have to come away from this believing he has won something or he will not walk away.

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