@dangainor joins Pastor Greg @doseghostman to discuss @fakedansavage Family of the Year Really?

ABC/Disney has decided to launch a program called “Family of the Year”, apparently based on the life of Dan Savage, of savagelovecast.com, who appeared on the View October 11, 2013 and discussed he and his “husband” sharing a partner “at both ends”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhRdfmT_Pt4&spfreload=10)

Media Research Center has written a letter to ABC/Disney and here is the article they wrote along with quotes that Mr. Savage has made that might make you a bit uncomfortable. http://www.mrc.org/press-releases/disney-abc-embraces-hateful-x-rated-bully-new-prime-time-show

Dan Gainor joined Pastor Greg to discuss the double standard of the media and how far Disney has fallen from the days of Wonderful World of Disney, which my family and I watched every Sunday night. The outrage here is that we continue to see media forcing the homosexual agenda on Americans and that if a Christian has a biblical worldview they are attacked for their freedom of speech and religion. I do not begrudge Dan the right to have his opinion, to which critics will say, “Oh that is really big of you”. But does Dan believe that I am not entitled to the same freedom? The homosexual lobby needs to take a step back and realize that if they stifle one groups freedoms they are trampling their own as well. It is the right of Christians to refer to their bibles, the Holy Book that they build the foundation of their beliefs upon, as the guiding force of truth for their belief system. It is the right of those who do not agree to choose a different set of values. As I have written before, if I believe the bible to be true and do not share that truth, as I believe truth to be, then there could be no love in me, because of the fate I believe awaits those who reject that message. To say then that I am judging them and that some how their attitude toward me escapes the idea of judgement is hypocritical. You can not disagree with someone without having made a judgement about what they believe. The First Amendment gives the right to express the opinion and to disagree with one’s opinion. It also guarantee’s the right to “practice” one’s religion, so long as it does not violate the rights of another such as Islam’s writings that call for the murder of Infidels. (See the post on Matthew VanDyke the Freedom Fighter in Iraq). This also applies to the protections outlined in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which protects a Christian Business Person from being forced to violate their biblical beliefs from involvement in acts that would be considered sin. The freedom is to live out your religious convictions as one sees them. This does not interfere with the issue of personal choices, or perceived lifestyle that some argue is not a choice. Here is the audio from todays show:


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