@DavidBartonWB Tim Barton joined Pastor Greg @doseghostman on Chosen Generation #RFRA #Truthaboutourfounders

The turmoil that has embraced Indiana and in particular the case of #MemoriesPizza has to have left many of us just scratching our heads and asking how did we get here so fast? Just four years ago the idea of a Christian business being forced to close for the purpose of protecting a family form the threat of death, was considered irrational thinking, paranoia and right wing extremist conspiracy theory types of conversation. I have a different vantage pout and began sharing this with Texas friends upon m return to the state in 2011. I was told over and over again that this is Texas, that what I was talking about was distracting from the real issues. Well, I hate to say I told you so, but I was in California for the Prop 8 fight and for the two votes before that. When we rallied outside of the Baptist church in downtown Modesto California the church was being protected by Police presence because there had been death threats. My car was vandalized at the local Junior College and the “Yes on 8” sticker scratched up. Later that same car would be stolen, never found or returned. I watched an elderly women pummeled in San Diego and the Newscaster call her a trouble maker for having a “Yes on 8” sign at a “No on 8” rally. The fire bombing of homes and businesses left under reported if reported on at all.

On the program Tim and I discuss the real issues at work here and the vitriol attack on anything Christian, plus the Christian foundation of our nation and how that foundation guarantees freedoms. Also, how important is biblical literacy in the fight for this culture? Listen to Tim and Pastor Greg here:

(Begins at 28;00)

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