Did you know there is a plan to turn Texas blue?

This is from an email I received. I do not know the source who wrote it but I have verified the basic facts and it is for real:

“The Democrats are thinking, what most Texans would consider the unbelievable, that they can elect Wendy Davis as Governor of Texas in 2014. Why do they think that?

1. Governor Perry won his election by 650,000 votes; only 38% of population voted; and only 25% of Blacks and Hispanics voted.

2. Republicans in Texas are complacent and will not turn out in large numbers because they think they can’t lose.

3. Jeremy Bird has successfully, over the last 3 years, turned both Virginia and Colorado from Red to Blue.


4, Jeremy Bird is now targeting Texas as his next conquest and has $10 million as an initial war chest to accomplish this task.

5. Jeremy started his campaign to win Texas in January 2013, he has paid community organizers in all major cities in Texas with an objective to register 650,000 new voters by Nov. 2014.

6. The organizers since Jan. 2013 have been hiring and organizing their people to put in place
thousands of Deputy Registrar, who can register voters, across the country. These Deputies will register the 650,000 new voters.

7. How will they do that? They will visit all minority churches in their area, food banks, welfare offices, and local minority events to sign up and register new voters.

8. In addition to signing them up, they will get their phone numbers and email addresses plus establish block captains who will ensure their streets will vote.

9. They believe by doing this, not only will they increase the number of minority voters , but will also increase substantially the number of minorities who will vote.

They believe by the Nov. 2014 election they will be able to increase the Democratic vote by over 1 million. They believe, based on the historical low Republican voting turnout, they will get a Democrat elected as Governor and in addition will increase significantly the number of Democrats elected. This in turn will reduce the majority the Republicans now have in both the House and Senate.

If this does not get your attention and scare you, we are in trouble.

Unless we can engage more conservatives to become actively involved to counteract the Democrats and specifically Jeremy Bird, they will be successful… if not in 2014 then in 2016 or 2018. They are committed to defeat us and will spend the money and resources to make it happen. If they can take down VA and CO so quickly, they can take Texas down as well even if it takes more time. If they take Texas, a Democrat will be president for the foreseeable future.

It is our state and our country, you can stand up now or live with the consequences. This is not a game, this is war.”

This is a very real threat to our state and to our nation. There is a plan and they are in full forward motion to execute that plan. At the end of last year I read an article in Texas Monthly that said they were here an considered it a victory that we were just talking about them. Interestingly that strategy was really an effort to get us to stop talking about them. See they knew Texas pride and by saying that we were talking about them, they were implying that they had us worries. They knew that planting that seed would get the leadership saying things like, “Just ignore them they are trying to get attention” or “If we don’t give them any notice they will just pack up and leave.” Well guess what, they did not leave and they got exactly what they wanted and knew they would get. A few people making some noise, a few more people saying to ignore them and most of the people living in denial and staying asleep. If they win this battle you better think about where you want to live because if you are a Christian the US will be a very uncomfortable place to be. I intend not to let that happen. Pray and activate and help spread the word.

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