@electionlawcenter @doseghostman Christian Adams joins Pastor Greg at 9 AM CST on Chosen Generation

Christian Adams of Election Law Center joins Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation to discuss the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder. Will it happen? What does this mean to justice in the US? What is the significance of maintaining control of the DOJ for Obama? These people dpi not believe that their actions are lawless, and this is probably the most dangerous aspect of their perversion and reshaping of America. How can we unravel the deep changes that the DOJ under Holder has done to destroy America as we know it? Looking back at over 80 years of an agenda to get to the point we are at today. Christian has tremendous insight into this fundamental change having work at the DOJ under Holder’s….leader….direct…deception, yes that it’s. Also, Pastor Greg gives a defense for those who want to speak truth but have been told that Jesus was only love, flowers, butterflies and sparkles. Luke chapter 10 is very instructive, listen to Pastor Greg share how to apply it and be an engaged Christian.

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