@gerardlameiro Joins Pastor Greg @doseghostman on Chosen Generation for a look at the economy

Dr Gerard Lameiro joined Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation to reveal the truth about our economy and the policies that are causing its destruction. Obama recently claimed that the economy had been righted and stabilized and that we were a ,ore prosperous nation. A change in the way that the unemployed are counted might make the % look good, but it does nothing for the 97 million out of work or the 37 million living in poverty because of the administrations policies. Dr. Lameiro explains why morality is an equal port of the solution and how the marxist policies and devaluing of people has led to this economic crisis. Are we on the verge of a new recession? What does the GDP tell us about where we really are? Could the unemployment rate be 300% worse than the Department of Labor is reporting? Listen in to find out.

Listen here: DR LAMEIRO is on the second segment

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